POS Offline Mode – Can Your POS System Run in Offline Mode?

We have all been there. The power goes out, internet service goes down and suddenly we find ourselves back in the stone age. Many businesses cannot function if their point-of-sale systems go offline. They have to wait for servers to reboot and functionality to return. This can take a few hours or, in extreme cases, a day or more. For a retail or food service establishment, even 15 minutes of no POS services can significantly eat into the bottom line. Watch the video below as Tim explains how you can keep your sales and your business running smoothly during an internet outage or power outage.

Old School Retail

There were times, not that long ago when power wasn’t necessary for retail or restaurant transactions. Those were the days that credit card usage was rare and paper currency was the most common form of payment. Likewise, most inventory was manually priced. It was also tracked in logbooks.

This form of tracking was slower, less cost-effective and prone to error. Retail establishments sometimes keep this older method of sales and accounting as a backup method for managing a power or internet outage. While there is some charm in going retro, customers and business owners alike expect a speedy transaction.

Internet Woes and Lost Profits

It is estimated that small businesses will lose $22 billion per year due to internet outages. It is almost a given that the internet will go out from time-to-time, yet far too many businesses have no real plan in place.

The profits lost aren’t solely tied to the moment of the internet outage. A customer may visit a store or restaurant when the problem occurs and vow not to return. A 2018 customer survey found that more than 1/4 of customers would not return to a business after just one bad experience. Keep that in mind before you forge ahead with no back-up during internet outages. 

Taking Payments & Running Business in During a Power Outage

If needed, Bepoz can run in offline mode at the register or in a multi-location operation at the store level. There are multiple ways Bepoz can run without the need of the internet. This feature keeps you from having to shut down your facility or force customers to wait until you can come back online. Your store or restaurant can continue doing business while others struggle with manual transactions or none at all.

Contact us to learn more about our offline operational instructions. You will find that your business will grow and thrive when you use a POS system with the flexibility of Bepoz.

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Video Transcription:

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise: Point of Sale Systems. One of the things that we hear and have asked of us most often is, can your system run in offline mode? So we wanted to address that. It is very possible for Bepoz to run in offline mode, either at the register or in a multi-location operation from the store level.

So there are many systems out there in the marketplace. When the internet goes down, their system stops working. The internet does not have to impact Bepoz. So there’s many ways that we can address this and there are many different ways that you could have problems in a system where you’re doing multiple locations. I could lose connection between my store location and head office, or I could lose connection from my register because somebody cut a wire to the main store system.

And in any of those cases, Bepoz has the ability to run offline and continue to do transactions even without the connection from the register to the store server, or from the store server to the head office if you have multiple locations. It’s important to note that, and that it is possible, if you want to talk to us how we can help you and improve your businesses. If you’ve got a system that doesn’t run offline, we’d love to help you. You can call us at the number at the top of the screen or click the link below.