Centrally Manage Multiple Store Locations at the Same Time

Are you a business owner? Do you have multiple locations? Do you struggle with ensuring your managers have the appropriate permissions without having access to data they don’t need? Bepoz has the solution. Watch the video below as Tim explains the value of being able to centrally manage multiple store locations at the same time with Bepoz POS.

Is Centralized Store Management Best?

Bepoz is a point-of-sale service that allows you to centrally manage all of your locations from your head office. Centralized management simply means that you handle all of the decision making for your stores. You manage the inventory, employees, pricing and customer accounts. Bepoz lets you do that with ease.

Is Decentralized Store Management Better?

The opposite of centralized management is, you guessed it, decentralized management. Bepoz allows you to allow your managers to make those important decisions on site. You can give each store manager the ability to change pricing, product offerings and employee benefits at their own stores. 


Stop, You’re Both Right!

Many retail and food service establishments find a happy medium between centralized and decentralized management techniques. It is possible with Bepoz to have both centralized management and/or decentralized management in the system. It may be possible to have some processes run centrally and others managed remotely. There are some processes, especially those that require access to sensitive data, that are best handled from the home office. Other day-to-day decisions might be best made by someone who is onsite. Bepoz lets you break down your management permissions so that each store manager can have access to the items they need.

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Centrally manage multiple locations at the Same Time

Manage Multiple Locations – Manage Your Stores From Afar

Decentralized management on day-to-day operations does not mean that you have to completely give up the reins. Bepoz lets you give permissions to store managers while also keeping your ability to watch what is happening and run reports firmly in place. You won’t need to ask your own managers for permission to see how they are running your stores. You only need to press a few buttons to see for yourself. You can even remove permissions as you see fit or schedule management on a rolling basis. For instance, if you have hired a new manager, you might not want to give her full permissions before her probationary period is complete. Bepoz lets you change those permissions when they are ready.

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Video Transcription

Hey this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise: Point of Sale Systems. In this video, we’re going to talk about how you can centrally manage all of your locations with Bepoz. So it is possible in Bepoz to have the management of products, and employees, and customers; if you have loyalty accounts and inventory centrally managed or distributed in management – meaning, I could manage all this by my head office staff and all the locations at the stores, don’t have to touch or do anything. I manage it centrally and push it out to all the locations, or I can give them permissions at those locations to be able to manage some things themselves, other things I keep that are only managed centrally. So I could manage, let’s say, I could create new products at head office, but you could only make price changes at the store. 

Some places would allow product changes at the store. Then we could give that store, if they’re allowed to do products, their own group of products, so that they’re not changing products that are for another store; or we could have all the products created at head office and pushed down to the stores and they’re all shared. So I create one product and share it amongst all the stores, but all changes could be done centrally or distributed. So again, another option there would be that I could manage my employees. So I would give managers at the store level the ability to create an employee, or I would say “We have to do that at the head office and push that employee back down to the head office.” 

All those changes could be pushed down immediately or they could be scheduled, they could go down in several pushes in a day, they could go down overnight. There’s lots of different options on how we get those things down to the stores, but all of those changes can be done and pushed down to all locations.  

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you centrally manage all of your operations, whether they’re food service, whether they’re retail, restaurant, bar, whatever you have. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you. You can call the number at the top of the screen or click the link below.


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