Setup Custom Permissions for Managers and Employees across Multiple Stores

Not all of your employees have the same status. Managers need to have access to information that should not be offered to cashiers. New hires may need a probation period before they have permission to see specific components of your point-of-sale and inventory system. This can be difficult if you don’t have a system in place that allows you to allocate permissions to specific employees. Watch the video below as Tim discusses why managing permissions for multiple locations is a must for your POS system.

How to Manage Permissions for Multiple Locations

Bepoz knows that managing stores with multiple locations is both difficult and time-consuming. We also know that you don’t need the added pressure that comes with allocating access to specific types of data. We simplify granting permissions for employees so you can spend a minimal amount of time and stress on this important facet of business.

The Bepoz program gives you access to all of your locations using one program. You can set permissions per store, per job title or even per product. The flexibility of the program is what you need for a multi-location business.

The basics of the program are simple to understand. When a new employee is hired, they are added to the system with some filters in place. Those filters provide what level of access that individual has to the program. This doesn’t just apply to individual access. Bepoz provides custom permissions per store, property or region. Bepoz lets you decide if you want managers to access data from all stores or only specific locations. 

Why Permissions Should Be Limited

Learning how to manage permissions for multiple locations is only part of the problem that needs to be solved. Knowing why permissions are specified per position is equally important. There are unlimited levels of permissions in Bepoz. Therefore, granting permissions for employees in a detailed way ensures there are no accidental mistakes made.

Granting permissions for employees is also an important part of keeping information safe. Managerial data should not be accessed by those employees who are not part of the managerial staff. Administrative aspects like inventory and finances are the responsibility of office staff, and therefore should not be accessed by cashiers and servers.

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Video Transcription:

Hey this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise – Point of Sale Systems. And right now, we’re going to talk about granting permissions to your employees, and how permissions work for managers, and cashiers, and servers, and bartenders, and administrators, and how we manage permissions across many locations.

So first of all, you need to understand that Bepoz can handle both food service operations and retail operations in one system, and we can handle many locations. So because we handle many locations, when we set up a new user in the software, that user is granted permissions with a couple filters. So the filter could be laid on the user that they’re only accessible to particular parts of the software, of course, right? So in the back-end management portal, they have access to see certain parts of the management software and access certain pieces, and we can limit what they can and can’t do. And at the Point of Sale, if they’re a manager or a cashier anybody using the Point of Sale, we can live in almost everything, because every button could have up to seven levels of permissions, and we can lock down lots of different things.

So we can lock down almost everything at the Point of Sale, of what you can and can’t do. But we also have filters for locations and products. So if you’re a manager, and you’re a manager over, let’s say we have an operation with 30 stores. And in that 30 stores, I’m a manager over store number 15. I can give you access when you log into the back-office portal, to be able to see only store number 15. You won’t see any other stores, and that’s it. And depending on how we set up your products, I may say, make it so that you can only see the products from store number 15, or you might not be able to see products at all, or you could maybe see all the products. Again, there’s variants and how we set that up, but I can limit what products you can see, and what stores you can see. And from that perspective, then I can really walk that down.

Now, we also have this concept of venue and a store. So a venue is essentially a campus, or a building, or an operation that might have multiple revenue centers within it. A store is actually a revenue center, so we could lock you down to specific venues and specific stores, so that you can only see those. Now, we can also say “You’re a regional manager”, and as a regional manager, you’re limited to this group of stores. So now, I can’t see the entire enterprise of all 30 stores. But as a regional manager, I manage five stores, so I could see those five stores, and potentially those five stores products; so that could be an option. I also could have a mixed environment where I have some restaurants, and some retail, some bars, and I could segment this by store type. So you can access all of the stores in some group that are restaurant, or all of the stores in some location that are retail. Some of our locations could have 20 or more different outlets restaurants and retail or 50. Doesn’t matter, but we can segment that to certain groups of stores that a manager could see, and also certain products that a manager could see. So that manager now has only access to the restaurant products. Now when they have access to the restaurant products, maybe they have access to view them and report on them, but not change them. Maybe they have access to change the prices at their store, but not even see any of the other stores. So, this is very granular permissions on how operators can manage, and look at products and locations from an enterprise perspective.

If you’d like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help you manage many locations and manage permissions and help you secure your cash and inventory and let people only see the right things that you want them to see within your organization and manage your entire enterprise, we’d love to talk to you. You can either call the number that’s at the top of your screen, or click the link below.

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