Customize Product Offerings and Prices for Multi-Locations

Custom product offerings at each of your sites is not as difficult as it seems. Implement a program that specializes in providing the best end-user experience, and you will find that custom pricing per location and location-specific promotions are both lucrative and uncomplicated. Watch the video below to learn about Bepoz and how we turn the pain of customizing products per location into a pleasure.

Same Software, Separate Locations

Bepoz is a software program that helps you with price changes and product offerings at many different locations. The program was not only made to work with different areas but also various types of businesses. You may have both retail and food service establishments. They might be on the same site or in different areas. Bepoz can easily combine or separate the product lists, pricing and inventory at those locations.

No More Generic Product Lists

Bepoz provides an easy way to manage custom product offerings through your request. You do not have to list products across all stores if they are only offered at one. However, Bepoz also keeps product descriptions and details in the system so you can easily add them to specific sites if you choose to expand.

Custom Pricing Per Location

Among the many offerings from Bepoz is the ability to make price changes across your locations. Some areas have different pricing due to cost-of-living, taxes, shipping fees or single-store discounts. Bepoz lets you keep prices consistent or change them per store.

Special Offers are a Breeze

This program allows you to schedule price changes in advance as well. Do you want to offer a holiday discount? Schedule it across all stores using your Bepoz software. Do you have a location that is offering a promotion? Schedule location-specific promotions with as much or as little advance time as you have.

Inventory Across Multiple Venues

Along with product offerings, the Bepoz system manages inventory per location. You can see what products you have in surplus, which items you need and everything in between. You can even transfer products between locations if needed.

Contact Bepoz today for more information on how our software helps you manage custom product offerings, location-specific promotions, custom pricing per location and much more.

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Enterprise POS allows you to customize product offerings and prices for multi-locations.

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