Easy Pricing Updates for Enterprise or Multi-Location Operations

Pricing is a necessary part of running a food service or retail business. A fixed price is a rare occurrence. You must alter your prices as need and demand fluctuate. You might run specials to decrease surplus stock or introduce new items. Repricing products, whether done physically or digitally, takes time.

Why Pricing Changes Matter

A child opening his first lemonade stand knows that the amount he charges determines his overall profit. However, that amount needs to change based on the price of lemons and the number of customers he expects to see on a given day. The principle is one that business owners know all too well. Your company’s pricing changes must take every factor into consideration. Whatever your product is, whether it is lemonade, tires or reams of paper, the pricing model must be flexible to ensure customer growth and continued profit.

Scheduled Price Changes

Bepoz recognizes the struggle with pricing products on a timely basis. Rather than squeezing in a price change after hours, we let you change prices on a schedule. You can plan the price change to take place well in advance. It will go into effect when you choose without disrupting your other plans. Knowing your pricing schedule in advance is instrumental to marketing promotions as well as planning your business budget.

Price Changes by Location

Pricing fluctuations don’t have to encompass all of your locations. You may have a specific store that is running a special sale. Bepoz allows you to update pricing per location using an advance schedule. You can even schedule the price change to last the length of time you need. Do you have a one-day only event? Are you changing prices for a holiday promotion? Pricing can automatically decrease and increase per your company plans.

One Product for All of Your Needs

Bepoz is an all-in-one product that gives you the opportunity to use the features you need when and how you need them. You can manage inventory, oversee employee benefits, generate reports and much more. Bepoz is not just for pricing but for all of your point-of-sale needs.

Contact Bepoz to learn how our product can help you manage pricing changes at all of your retail or food service locations.

Video Transcription

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale Systems. One thing that we talk about often is the ability, or customers ask us about often, is the ability to update prices on some schedule. “Hey, we have some price change that we’re going to roll out on the first of the month, and we want to be able to roll that out and get it all set up now so that we don’t have to be up until midnight or two o’clock in the morning the night before, trying to change all those prices.” Bepoz has the ability to update those prices and schedule those price changes ahead of time, so that on that day they’re automatically scheduled and the new price takes effect on those products. Now, those price changes could be rolled out to a specific store, could be rolled out to a whole group of stores, could be rolled out in lots of different ways, but those price changes could be rolled out. 

As talked about in other videos, we also could do promotions or price changes where the price has changed based on a special, buy-one-get-one, for this week, or this day, or this month, or whatever time period you want. We could also do things like, “These items are this percent off, or these price, or discounted this much,” during this time period. Those kind of price changes are price changes where the price gets changed, and then it comes back off the schedule, so let’s say it’s for the week. At the beginning of the week, the price automatically changes; at the end of the week it comes back to its regularly scheduled price. All of those kind of price changes could be done in Bepoz, and managed on an enterprise level. 

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you with price changes for your point of sale system we’d love to talk to you. You can either call the number that’s at the top of the screen, or click the link below. 

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