Manage Multiple Locations With Your POS

Whether you have two stores or 200 stores, you can manage multiple locations through Bepoz’s robust Corporate Enterprise point-of-sale (POS) software. It offers tools to manage all aspects of sales, customer service, inventory, and revenue. Let’s take a look at a few of these features.

Manage Inventory

It doesn’t matter which location you are at, check your inventory quantities and details at any time, and at any store. Need to transfer inventory? No problem. Quickly locate and move merchandise between stores with item transfers.

Make sure you are never overstocked in one location and sparse in another, spot check stock and pricing, and scan in stock transfers. Bepoz’s handheld device also equips you to enter purchase order, scan and receive inbound inventory, and assign a barcode to new products.

Treat Customers Appropriately

Each location has different customers. That means a variance in customer purchases, spending patterns, and demand for certain products. Bepoz’s POS software offers the ability to structure membership management in accordance with the performance and individuality of each location. That means you can tailor promotions uniquely.

In addition to the capability to enroll customers in loyalty programs that automatically reward them for reaching certain purchase thresholds, Bepoz’s Enterprise POS also allows you to customize promotions for “members only,” and tailor those messages to each location. To help facilitate inventory management, prize promotions are also customizable within the POS at the location level to reward customers for purchasing a certain group of products within a stated period of time.

Manage Sales In All Forms

Managers have the ability to add or remove products from the sales menu, update pricing, and suggest language to staff at multiple stores or locations to incentivize “upsells” and “cross-sells” across product and service lines, from the POS terminal.

Manage cash flow across all locations by retrieving individual or consolidated ending tills. Utilizing gift cards are simple with a multi-location POS as well. Sell, track and redeem gift cards at any location

If you’re looking to expand your locations, or perhaps interested in a POS software update for your multi-location business, give Bepoz a call for a consultation.