Automate Reports for Multiple Stores with an Enterprise POS System

Thanks to modern technology, gathering, analyzing and acting upon data is easier than ever. You no longer need to own a major corporation to make the most of Big Data. However, to do so effectively, modern POS systems for multi location businesses are a must. Find out how automatic reports with multi location enterprise POS software from Bepoz can help.

The Risks of Not Upgrading to a Multi Location Enterprise POS System

Without well-designed POS systems for multi location businesses, businesses with multiple locations, in particular, can’t hope to take advantage of the benefits of real-time reporting. These systems allow business owners to effortlessly create automatic reports as needed and to fine-tune them to suit their particular reporting needs. If you don’t upgrade so that you can run automatic reports with POS software, you will struggle to remain relevant – and you will lose out big-time to the competition.

5 Ways an Enterprise POS System Can Grow Your Business - Automate Reports for Multiple Stores with an Enterprise POS System

5 Ways an Enterprise POS System Can Grow Your Business

Here are the top five ways in which enterprise POS systems for multi location businesses can help you to grow and improve your business:

  1. Generate Automated Reports — Contrary to what you might assume, not all modern POS systems are capable of generating automated, real-time reports. If you are tired of struggling with, say, importing and exporting data from Excel to get a handle on the current state of your business, you will appreciate the effortlessness of generating automatic reports with POS software by Bepoz. At a glance – and whenever you want – you can generate up-to-the-second reports about everything from sales to inventory levels. In turn, you will be able to make more strategic business decisions and to keep customers happy and coming back.
  2. Build Your Own Custom Reports – All businesses are different, and all reporting functions are not created equal. With a modern multi location enterprise POS system like those offered by Bepoz, you can develop reports that deliver information that’s actually relevant and useful to your business. These reports can be refined to any level that you want, so you can generate ones that cover multiple locations, a single location or even a single employee or customer. The data that is displayed in these reports is offered in real-time, which makes it easier for you to respond quickly to developing situations – a crucial part of running a successful and growing business.
  3. Create General Sale and Sale Comparison Reports – A key aspect of keeping a business growing is constantly monitoring where it stands in comparison to the competition and even between locations. The powerful automated reporting functionality of multi location enterprise POS software from Bepoz allows you to check where your business stands at any time through general sale and sale comparison reports. In an instant, you can find out how a new pricing structure or sale is faring, or check to see how a new product is performing. You can also compare multiple locations’ sales to determine which ones need additional assistance and which ones are doing things right. In turn, you can make more informed and effective decisions – and those decisions will allow you to grow your business even more.
  4. Create Financial Reports for Easy Accounting and Tracking – With POS systems for multi locations from Bepoz, you no longer have to wait for end-of-day financial reports to stay abreast of accounting activities. Whenever they are needed, you can create financial reports that allow you to keep your accounting in check, which will reduce the risk of letting small problems spiral out of control. You can also quickly and easily track various accounting parameters to ensure that your business is heading in the right direction.
  5. Schedule Automations for Manager Accountability Reporting – A modern multi location enterprise POS system also simplifies the process of manager and employee accountability tracking. Whenever necessary, you can run automatic reports about managerial performance, for example, to zero in on issues before they grow into more serious problems. Likewise, managers can run reports on employee performance, gaining key insights into which employees are top performers and which are struggling. What’s more is that real-time accountability reports can help you to keep managers and employees motivated. For example, you can “gamify” the experience by sharing performance data with employees and managers and offering rewards for improvements or for meeting certain quotas.


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Start Running Automatic Reports with POS Software Today

If you operate a business with multiple locations and are ready to harness the incredible power of real-time reporting, it’s time to upgrade to a Bepoz multi store POS system. Our POS systems for multi location businesses offer cutting-edge automated reporting that allows you to grow and expand your business quickly and effortlessly. From tracking and optimizing inventory to identifying and rewarding top-performing employees, these automated reports are sure to make a huge difference for your business. Contact Bepoz today for more information.