Enterprise POS Systems & Multi Store POS Mastery

Multi Store POS Systems – What You Need to Succeed

Bottom line, if you manage multiple locations or need the power of an enterprise pos system, then your point-of-sale system should include these 16 features and abilities:

  1. Automate reports for multiple stores
  2. Analyze and compare your store locations
  3. Manage inventory at multiple locations within the same enterprise POS system
  4. Customize product offerings and prices at certain locations
  5. Grant specific permissions to administrators, managers and others
  6. Offer location-specific promotions
  7. Enhanced location organization
  8. Schedule pricing, product changes and discounts in advance
  9. Audit changes made by management for each transaction
  10. Real-time pricing updates
  11. Active inventory management 
  12. Advanced speed capabilities
  13. Bulletproof security
  14. Powerful administrative/back-end resources
  15. Simultaneously manage, review and monitor all areas of business
  16. Scale All of Your Enterprises

5 Ways an Enterprise POS System Can Grow Your Business - Enterprise POS Systems & Multi Store POS Mastery

What Is a Multi Store, Enterprise POS System?

Whether your business is expanding to multiple locations or you are struggling to properly manage your current business locations, you need to take advantage of modern multi store POS features. A standard POS system is designed for use in one geographic location. It provides essential benefits, such as inventory tracking, convenient administrative functions, flexible payment options, the ability to customize restaurant menus and store specials and more. When your business operates in more than one location, you need to find the best POS for multi store functionality. This type of system is designed to communicate across all locations so that you have real-time view of sales data, enterprise-level inventory management solutions and more. The features of an enterprise POS solution can streamline management, bolster security and improve operations on many levels.

How Does a POS System for Multiple Locations Work?

At Bepoz, we specialize in providing effective POS solutions for our varied clients, and this includes providing enterprise point of sale solutions for our smaller and larger clients who operate out of several locations. With the right enterprise POS solution, you can manage all POS data for your business from one central location. This includes e-commerce sales, mobile POS transactions and in-store data. In addition to having broad administrative controls, you can easily store, manage and analyze data across your entire enterprise. This enables you to run reports, monitor sales and even engage customers through loyalty programs and more. 

Without an effective enterprise POS solution that has been perfectly tailored for your business’s operational needs, your operations may be much more complicated than necessary. Furthermore, you and your team may be wasting unnecessary time and energy on tasks that could easily be automated and centralized. A quality multi store POS solution will grow with your business. This can reduce growing pains that your company may otherwise experience during expansion.

The specific multi store POS features available to you vary considerably by provider and by solution. At Bepoz, we understand that your business’s operational structure dictates the specific features that would offer superior benefits. We take time to identify your specific needs for multi store POS software as a first step in our service to you. We will then tailor our enterprise POS software solution specifically to fit your business’s unique needs.

Does your business struggle to maintain adequate levels of inventory across all of your locations? Is your accounting lagging behind as you try to reconcile sales data from various locations? Are you interested in harvesting customer data that you have collected to create a loyalty program? These are only a few of the challenges that can be addressed through a tailored enterprise POS solution.

A Guide to Multi Store Management with a Multi Store POS System - Enterprise POS Systems & Multi Store POS Mastery

A Guide to Multi Store Management with a Multi Store POS System 

Whether you are running your business with an outdated POS system or you are trying to grow without a POS multi store solution, you may not fully understand the incredible benefits that a multi store POS solution offers. Commonly, restaurant and business owners think about linking sales data together via a centralized location when they think about a multi store POS solution. This is undoubtedly one of the benefits that you are interested in taking full advantage of when you updated to a POS system for multi store environments. However, enterprise POS software that is customized for your business’s specific needs delivers more profound benefits than you may realize. In fact, these are some of the multi store POS features that could elevate your operations considerably when you upgrade to an enterprise POS system. 

Automate Reports for Multiple Stores 

Effective business management requires you to have immediate access to data related to sales, labor costs and other statistics. A multi store point of sale system from Bepoz enables you to generate on-demand reports in real-time. It can also be programmed to email customized reports to you at the end of each business day.

Compare Your Store Locations

Do you know which products are best-sellers at each of your stores or restaurants? Are you concerned about employee productivity or location-specific pricing and promotions? Our multi store POS software solutions can be tailored to deliver automated reports on an enterprise-level basis that is refined down to the store or even down to the employee. You can also analyze store locations through on-demand report generation and detailed analytics that take into account data points collected through the system.

Inventory Management for Multiple Locations 

Some stores and restaurants search for a separate multi store inventory management software solution, but today’s multi store POS solutions have inventory management functions built into them. Through your multi store POS solution, you can even manage inventory at a remote warehouse that facilitates online orders, transfer inventory between your stores and more.

Incorporate Custom Beneficial Features 

The possibilities for customization with your new enterprise POS system from Bepoz extend far beyond these features. Some of the other features that may be in your new multi store point of sale solution enable you to:

  • Customize product offerings and prices at certain locations
  • Offer location-specific promotions
  • Schedule pricing, product changes and discounts in advance
  • Manage inventory at multiple locations within the same enterprise POS system
  • Grant specific permissions to administrators, managers and others
  • Audit changes made by management for each transaction

Location Organization

Regardless of whether you run two branch locations or dozens of stores or restaurants, organizing all data in a central location is vital. An effective multi store POS system can be tailored to give you easy access to all location-specific data. This could include employee productivity on a per person or per location basis, sales volume, average sale per transaction and much more.

Pricing Updates 

Enterprise POS software enables you to quickly adjust pricing on menu items, inventory and more. This can be done from a centralized location and will take place uniformly across all sales outlets. By centralizing this task through a multi store POS solution, time drains and unnecessary stress are eliminated.

Manage Inventory

Managing inventory involves more than making sure that your customers have access to the products that they want. Our enterprise POS system enables you to track inventory at each location and to easily manage inventory transfers. For example, some products may be in high demand in some regions, and our multi store POS system makes it easier for you to identify those trends and to ensure that each store has proper supplies to meet demand.


Your ability to monitor all aspects of sales, inventory supplies and more in real-time is crucial to your ability to properly manage your business. Enterprise point of sale solutions synchronize all data in a central location, and they can even automate various reports and activities to improve efficiency on various levels.


Data security is not a matter to take lightly, and an upgraded enterprise point of sale solution can be designed to protect your data from modern threats. This protects your business’s financials as well as your customers’ personal data.

Powerful Administrative Resources

A modern enterprise POS system does more than link sales and inventory together in a central location. It provides you with vital administrative resources in real-time. Whether you want to analyze a sales report from all locations at the end of the day, review productivity, check on inventory levels or address other administrative needs, your enterprise POS solution makes this much easier to do.

What to Expect from Your New Multi Store POS System from Bepoz - Enterprise POS Systems & Multi Store POS Mastery

What to Expect from Your New Multi Store POS System from Bepoz

At Bepoz, we specialize in providing tailored POS solutions to our valued clients, and our enterprise POS solutions can be designed to accommodate your specific needs. These are some of the many multi store POS features that may be incorporated into your new system from Bepoz.

Review and Monitor Many Areas of Operations 

Today’s businesses are increasingly complex. Many stores and restaurants that have one primary business location also have an online sales portal. Some set up kiosks or operate out of a mobile food truck from time to time. This is combined with expansion to multiple permanent business locations. A multi store point of sale system provides you with the essential ability to review and monitor all areas of operations quickly and with detailed, accurate data.

Manage All Locations at the Same Time

At Bepoz, we understand how challenging it can be to manage all of your locations uniformly. A restaurant may make menu or pricing changes. A retail store may run a sale or move some items to clearance with discounted pricing. Through an enterprise POS system from Bepoz that has been perfectly adapted to fit your needs, you can ensure consistency and accuracy across all of your locations.

Scale All of Your Enterprises 

Our enterprise POS solutions are fast and secure, and they are scalable to meet your specific needs. Our multi store POS software solutions enable you to synchronize and manage data from all of your points of sale, including online sales, mobile sales and in-store sales. Solutions are scalable to facilitate growth in the most cost-effective way. Scalability enables you to take full advantage of robust features like pricing updates, inventory management, data management and more.  

A Multi Store POS Solution That Grows Business We Know What You Want - Enterprise POS Systems & Multi Store POS Mastery

A Multi Store POS Solution That Grows Business – We Know What You Want 

At Bepoz, we have been serving our customers through our effective POS solutions for more than 40 years. We know how important it is for businesses with multiple locations to have access to a robust multi store POS software solution and for that solution to be tailored to meet their needs. We offer monthly service subscriptions without any long-term contracts or licensing fees. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that you have nothing to lose by experiencing our POS solutions first-hand. More than 5,000 companies worldwide have experienced the difference that Bepoz solutions make (click here to see our review on Merchant Maverick). Are you ready to learn what we can do for your business? Call us today to explore our solutions through a personalized demo.