Emailing and Texting With Your POS

Looking for an easy way to communicate with your customers when they’re not in your store? Sending emails and text messages are a few great ways to do that. Plus, you can do it all through customer relationship management (CRM) software that is built right into most quality point-of-sale (POS) systems.

First, collect all your data right at the point-of-sale. Give customers the option to receive text and/or emails. Even ask a few questions about what types of promotions they would like to receive. Once you’ve collected your information, your POS software will store all in one place making it easy to communicate with your customers in whatever way they desire.

With Bepoz, Messaging and Memos allow you to stay in touch with your customers and staff by SMS, email and internal messaging. The marketing opportunities are fantastic with targeted marketing to your best customers, worst customers or just average customers. The segmentation options are limitless. For example, send messages to customers who haven’t been in the store in 6 months, or customers who recently spent more than $1000.

Also, use these communication features to strategize promotions and incentives for your loyal customers, and even for those who aren’t so loyal … yet.

Bepoz Marketing Features

  • Can email customers directly from system.
  • Can SMS (text message) customers directly from system.
  • Can email or SMS to customers based on an almost limitless list of segmentation options.
  • Can integrate third party unsubscribe system.

If you’re interested in communicating better with your customers, emails and texts through your point-of-sale system could be the answer. Give Bepoz a call today for more details.