Enterprise POS Overview – What Is a Multi-Store POS System?

Retail and foodservice establishments need management methods for the most basic functions. They need to ring up orders and accept payment from customers. Restaurants and cafeterias need reliable ways to place orders and craft menus. Beyond the basics, modern stores must accept multiple forms of payment and easily include discounts. All of these services are functions of a point-of-sale system. Watch the video below to see the incredible value of our multi-store POS system.

Multi-Store POS – More Than Meets the Eye

A multi-store POS system like Bepoz does much more than simple order calculation. It provides back-end support that is needed by administrators, managers, and owners. Bepoz offers inventory control, analytical reporting, customer loyalty programs, communication between and among staff, employee discounting, and more. The system is customizable for your retail or food service space regardless of how many registers are on your site(s).

Multi-Store Services at Your Fingertips

Bepoz is the perfect solution for single-store businesses. You have easy access to all data, simple price management, and cloud-based info that can be reached on- or off-site. What happens when you expand? With Bepoz, expanding to multiple locations isn’t a problem. You can use the Bepoz system at multiple registers, buildings, cities, and states. In fact, no matter where your business expands, Bepoz will be there for you.

Fixing Online Sales Discrepancies

Many restaurants offer online ordering as an easy way to reach more customers. The problem they encounter is having cohesive data from online ordering along with the multiple locations they might have. Bepoz treats your online orders like any other site and can segment the sales to a separate revenue center within a location. Because the system is made for flexibility, you can use this multi-store POS system while you are on-the-go. All information is updated in real-time or at the schedule you decide. You can even use Bepoz to create special menus and pricing just for your food truck.

Retail Sales in a Snap

Multi-store systems mean different things to different business owners. You may have a chain of shops that need to reflect consistency in pricing, discounting, sales and promotions. You may have a series of kiosks in marketplaces and malls. Your form of multi-store could be a standalone location and an occasional pop-up. Bepoz is the answer to your POS needs regardless of where or how often your locations are in business.

Shared Sales with Separate Needs

Another benefit to a multi-store POS system is the ability to manage each system on its own or as part of a whole. Each individual site can have unique pricing, employee benefits, and other features. You can even run reports for each separate site if you wish.

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Video Transcription:

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise: Point of Sale Systems. We’re going to talk as a general overview of all of the things, or many of the things, that Bepoz – as an enterprise point of sale system – could provide for your operation. There are many more videos that drill down into a lot more detail of different things that we offer, but this is meant to be a general overview. 

First of all, it’s important to note that Bepoz as a system, can run in a food and beverage operation, and in a retail operation, or in some combination of them both. We can run in restaurants and bars, we can run in retail stores, and there are lots of sub niche markets that could be covered by Bepoz, or are covered by Bepoz, underneath those umbrellas. So, Bepoz does a lot of different things for a lot of different organizations, and a lot of different multi-location types of businesses. But from a grand big picture, Bepoz both can report on multiple locations – many, many, many locations – and can help you centrally or have distributed management over all of your locations. 

If you want to, we can centrally manage all the locations, and make changes at head office, and push them out to all the locations or we can give management authority at specific locations ability to do certain tasks themselves, and keep some at head office. We can also report on all the activities that are happening at all the locations, as well as all the activities that are happening at head office. And that is the grand scheme of the backend of all the enterprise multi-store capabilities that Bepoz has. 

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