Top Benefits of Multi-Store Liquor POS Systems

Be it your first liquor store or your 15th, regardless of how well your business is doing, a multi-store Liquor POS system is one of your biggest assets.

Having a multi-location Liquor POS system from the start is always a wise choice. Though, you can still opt for it even when your retail empire has stretched wide.

As the name suggests, multi-location Liquor POS is the point of sale solution that has been designed for numerous locations. Even though most of the POS systems claim to have this feature, their flaws start to surface when being used for multiple locations.

With the right multi-store Liquor POS software, you will be able to handle seamless operation at multiple locations which will eventually enhance your scalable capabilities.

You will be able to manage the prices, tax, inventory, reporting, and employees of multiple stores from one single location. It can also be used for easing the excruciation operation of warehouses.

The benefits one can acquire using the multi-store Liquor POS software is vast and varied. Not only do they help in enhancing your management skills but also help you to achieve your long-term business goals. Here are a few out of the benefits you can experience with the right multi-store system.

Top 7 Benefits of Multi-Store Liquor POS Systems:

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1. Multiple Outlets Inventory and Performance Tracking

The performance of your stores will be hugely affected by your management skills, both individually and collectively. Even with a basic POS system, you can calculate sales, organize data across multiple locations. This will allow for store to store transfers, requisitions from a central location, consolidated products and reporting and more. 

POS software reduces the chances of error in calculation while managing a plethora of data to provide you with a sustainable solution. At Bepoz, our POS systems are engineered to accumulate data from all your stores into one single system. It allows seamless integration and performance tracking of all the enterprises.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

With a multi-store POS system, you can provide a better experience to your customers. Multi-location POS systems will help you to go through the collective inventory of all your stores. 

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3. Precise Sales Reports

Implementing a multi-store POS system in your organization will assist you in generating more accurate sales reports. With Bepoz POS systems, your sales reports will include an overall calculation of your stores. That includes the number of products that have been sold, profit margins, best selling products, and much more. Imagine the value of being able to track your sales reports per SKU, per store!

Multi-store liquor POS systems eliminate the chances of errors that are inevitable when done manually.

4. Enhanced Customer Data Security

Credit card information of your customer is highly confidential and must be veiled from the eyes of criminals. The POS system assures that your entire customer’s data is secured and stored properly.

5. Automatically Handle Updates

Even though the whole retail industry is now surviving on technology, that doesn’t make every employee a computer expert. In many cases, employers still need to hire or outsource their technical issues to IT experts.

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6. Consistent Customer Experience

Multiple liquor stores need to have a uniform customer experience. Each store needs to have the same products available for the same price. The payment experience needs to be consistent, as well. Your customers’ data should be accessible across all stores so that they can redeem their gift cards or loyalty bonus across all stores.

Multi-store liquor POS systems allow you to unify your staffing interfaces across all your stores. Multi-store POS systems can easily cultivate your business by building robust customer loyalty.  Since your customer’s data is stored in the centrally, employees can easily access at the point of sale. This is an essential feature for liquor store owners who want to offer a more personalized buying experience (think membership discounts, flash sales, exclusive promo access and etc.)

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7. Easily Accommodate Your Future Liquor Stores

Expanding your business is a vital, yet sometimes rocky road.  The primary motivation behind opening a new store should be a growing demand for your product and service.

If a new branch functions as a brand new operation (without basic measures in place), it can easily upset your customers and put your revenue at risk. This level of risk probably isn’t what you had in mind when you opened the store!

Setting up a brand-new POS system can be a time-consuming, never-ending process. You need to go through the same training process to get your staff acquainted with the products and inventory.

With the multi-store liquor POS system from Bepoz, you can get a new store running like your existing stores much more rapidly.

Multi-store POS has lots of advantages over a single store POS software. If you own multiple stores, then the former is your only choice.

If you own a single store and have no plan of expanding, it is still a wise choice to go for the Multi-store POS, because you never know when opportunity will come knocking at your door.