Compare Your Store Locations with Enterprise Reporting

Multiple locations often mean multiple problems. You need to compare your store locations and examine the data from all of your retail stores or food service establishments. We all know the importance of enterprise reporting, but how do you compare store locations and evaluate sales performance when you have different systems at each location?

The answer is easy: Use the same POS system for each of your multi-store locations.

Bepoz POS system works across your network. Whether you have one store or 100 you use the same system for sales, inventory, reporting, payroll and so much more. The plan is to allow you to have all of your data in one place that is both separate and combined depending on your needs. Watch the video below as Tim explains how to compare your store locations with Bepoz’s enterprise POS reporting.

Compare Your Store Locations with Enterprise POS Reporting

Enterprise reporting is arguably the most important aspect of understanding your company’s sales and profits. The basics of enterprise reporting is using the data to organize and analyze your company’s sales figures. You need to be able to visualize both successes and failures. You can then use hard data to make wise decisions that will lead to more profitability.

The Bepoz point-of-sale system makes enterprise reporting easy. The program offers the ability to generate reports on singular locations or multiple ones. You can compare store locations with each other or run data side-by-side.

Multi-Store Business Management

Being able to compare data between stores is critical to business success.

  • You can see what is working in some areas and isn’t in others.
  • You can understand customer spending habits in different locations.
  • You can even create trial offers or marketing strategies in certain areas, and then run multi-store reports to see the precise, data-driven difference when those changes are enacted.

POS reporting provides you with better tools for store management. Your managers can look at these reports to see over-all store sales and profits. They can look at specific product sales. They can compare sales by register and the online marketplace. POS reporting is an excellent tool for analyzing commission reports and personnel as well.

Multi-store reporting is also important for those businesses that offer both retail and restaurant sales. Being able to compare and contrast reports between retail and food service gives you the opportunity to know where consumers prefer to spend their time and money.

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