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Is Managing Your Coffee Shop Difficult?

How to Fix Multi-Store Problems

If your existing coffee shop Point of Sale system forces you to do extra work because it’s lacking important features, keep reading. There is a solution. Most people try to live with a system that limits their growth and go on creating duct-tape solutions, unaware of how much profit they’re losing every day that they don’t have the right system in place.

It doesn’t have to be this way, but if you don’t do anything to solve the problem nothing will change. And the struggle to manage the business will continue while profits are being lost.

A Coffee Shop POS That Works

A Bepoz multi-store POS for makes it possible to add all of your current and future coffee shops into one system. You won’t have to rip out oversimplified POS systems that can’t centrally manage multiple locations.

Bepoz helps with everything from serving accurate coffee orders to getting inventory correct. A strong cash security system prevents theft from the cash register. 

Take your business to the next level with a customer loyalty program and send SMS and emails directly from the POS system. 

Getting complicated coffee shop orders right can be quite a feat, especially during the morning rush. We offer more than just a way to get your orders on target. Our customized Coffee Shop POS Systems can get your whole business on target.

Happy Coffee Customers =  Business Growth.

Multi-Store Inventory

Keep your inventory correct across locations. Transfer and manage stock between sites.

Centralized Management

Inventory and pricing changes transfer instantly to all sites. Add an unlimited number of locations.

24/7 Support

Support is available 24/7 via phone and email to ensure the maximum uptime for your business.

Multi-Store Reporting

Get an overview of your entire operation or see the individual status of a coffee shop.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Offer special pricing, tiered loyalty programs, randomly selected bonuses, messages and more.

Easy to Learn and Use

Custom workflows and a touchscreen interface makes it easy to quickly serve accurate orders.



Manage inventory from a handheld device, till, or the back office. Stay up to date with extensive reporting features. Save time and money with automation rules that can re-order products, send reports, and more.

– Ingredient level inventory
– Assign barcodes 
– Wastage reports
– Detailed stock reports

Keep accurate counts across all locations. Stock takes can be done in bite size pieces, case breaks and multiple unit breaks.

– FIFO (First In First Out) or Average
– Full stock takes
– Cycle counts

– Set automated re-ordering points per product
– Automatically break out cases into individual products
– Create automatic emails for regular reports

– Transfer and receive stock at any location
– Price changes instantly appear across all locations
– Requisition inventory from a central warehouse

In depth inventory analysis reports including:

– Stale inventory
– Stock on hand
– Overstock/understock
– Return On Investment
– Inventory turns
– Poor selling products
– Cost changes

Bepoz Point of SaleHelps you grow

Cash Security

A Bepoz Coffee Shop POS has many layers of security to keep your money safe. Bepoz features cash accounting, secure systems, integration with security camera systems, audit logs, keypress logs, and manager alerts.

Require the drawer be in the closed position before a transaction can begin.

Require the cashiers to count cash and enter the counted amount without  knowing how much should be in the drawer. This is called a “Blind Drop”. The system can also force the system to require a manager override if the count is more than $X off. This way, if the drawer is more than say $10 off, a manager has to approve the final count.

The Alerts system in Bepoz is designed to alert the owner/manager of suspicious events by email or text message immediately as they occurs so that action can be taken. Every action and keystroke of every person who touches the system is recorded in the electronic audit trail. With Key Logging enabled, you can tell exactly what keys every person pressed in order to complete an action.

Bepoz has the ability to integrate with most security camera systems and overlay transaction details on the camera feed. Many of these systems allow an operator to search the video feed for things like employee discounts. In this way, an operator could look through all the employee discounts to see if the customer who received the employee discount was actually an employee.

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