How to Scale Your Enterprise – Did You Pick the Right System?

As your business grows, so do your needs. You need a point-of-sale system that grows along with you. The bad news: It is very difficult to find POS systems with the ability to scale business. The good news: Bepoz offers scalability and more! Watch the video below as Tim explains how to scale your business with the right POS system.

What Does ‘Scale Your Enterprise’ Mean?

Whether you refer to it as ‘scale the business‘ or ‘scaling your growth,’ these terms refer to managing increasing sales and/or workload without creating more overhead. A small business might find that they suddenly have a new influx of clients. For some, this sudden interest could mean increasing equipment and workforce, which keeps the profit margin the same. For others, those who can scale their enterprise, are able to use existing staff and expenditures to handle the new sales. This leads to the increase of profits you have always desired.

Picking The Right POS System – How Can Bepoz Help?

Bepoz works with businesses of all sizes with ease. You don’t have to change your point-of-sale service provider simply because you have grown. You can track sales and inventory whether you have one register with 100 or 1000. Bepoz has scalability built in.

Is Scaling Just About Size?

When you think of scaling your enterprise, you are probably thinking about business growth. While keeping up with the growing number of customers and inventory is vital, that is not all you need to consider. You will also need to keep your speed firmly in place. Imagine a restaurant that becomes known for its speedy service of delicious meals. Suddenly, that restaurant becomes the busiest place in town. If service slows down, so will customer growth. Businesses need POS software that is just as fast and able to keep up with sales solutions as it did before.

Why Not Upgrade POS Systems When Needed?

You might be asking yourself why you need to invest in a system that grows with you rather than buying a small, no-frills POS system until you need it. The fact is, when you experience sudden growth, you don’t have time to install, learn and retrain all of your employees on a new system. Likewise, the low cost of a program like Bepoz is worth the time and money it will save you later.

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Video Transcription

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale Systems. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to scale your enterprise. More importantly, did you pick the right system in order to scale your enterprise? 

We talk to businesses all the time and they say, “Well, I can save a little bit of money if I buy this cheaper system.” But the cheaper system doesn’t have the ability to scale to the place that they’re wanting to get to. It just fills the need for where they’re at today. 

It’s always important to note when you’re looking to scale a business and to grow your business, that your point of sale system needs to not just serve you in your needs today, it needs to serve you for your future. And if your point-of-sale system doesn’t have the method to be able to grow you to where you want to go, it’s probably not the system that you should be buying. So, important to note that, and to think about that when you’re trying to buy a point-of-sale system – how can I scale my business with the system I’m buying today? 

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you scale your business, we’d love to talk to you. You can either call the number at the top of the screen or click the link below.


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