Customer Loyalty at the Point of Sale for Any Operation

A loyalty system is no longer a bonus. It is now an expected part of doing business. Many consumers base their shopping on the type of reward system offered. Studies have repeatedly shown that loyalty programs truly increase loyalty. Watch the video below as Tim explains how to manage customer loyalty with Bepoz POS.

Unfortunately for many retailers and restaurants, most point-of-sale systems don’t have a way of tracking customer loyalty. They have to use third-party software to track those programs. Additional software or apps create more expense, more time to training and yet another program to integrate with the primary POS software.

Bepoz offers its own internal loyalty system so our customers can avoid searching for a third-party app. The Bepoz system does much more than you might expect. Among its capabilities, Bepoz:

  • Manages your CRM, Rewards and Accounts with ease.
  • Offers tiered-loyalty plans (bronze, silver, gold programs)
  • Contacts your customers via email/text with personalized promotions
  • Applies automatic discounts at the register for loyalty members
  • Automatically prompts cashiers for redeemable vouchers
  • Sets specific promotions and perks for specific members or levels


Better Customer Loyalty, Better Customer Account Management

You have undoubtedly seen many different types of loyalty programs. Bepoz has the ability to offer most of the loyalty programs that have proven themselves to be successful. These programs offer such incentives as accruing cash or points that can be used in-store, purchase X products and get one free or discounted, rewards after $X.XX or after X points, automatic discounts on all or specific items. All of these could be varied based on the tier level of the person. This can be issued and redeemed across multiple locations if you have them or each location can be kept separate. There are too many options to list, but these are some of the more popular options. If you have an option you don’t see call our team to discuss your needs.

With Bepoz POS, each customer receives only those rewards for which they qualify. Therefore, if your business has a loyalty program that must be purchased, only paying customers will have access. If your system has a tiered-program that increases with the length of time or amount of money spent, only the qualifying customers receive those incentives.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to having a loyalty program that is a part of your POS system is that you lessen the risk of errors. Because the Bepoz loyalty rewards program is already built-in, it will automatically appear during checkout if you choose to use it. If you are not interested in a loyalty program now, you can always implement it later.

Talk to us today about the Bepoz loyalty program. We will explain how it works and how it will keep customers returning to you day after day, year after year.

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Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale Systems. In this video, we’re going to talk about customer loyalty with Bepoz.

It’s important to know that Bepoz has its own internal loyalty system. I know that many systems don’t have internal loyalty systems. So if you want to do loyalty in their systems, you have to use some third-party app. And you have to then tell your existing point of sale system what you did in the app, and really manage two systems to manage the loyalty.

But in Bepoz this is all one system. So we can manage the rewards, all of that and all the accounts, and the CRM and everything all in one system.

So, it’s also a couple of important notes about Bepoz customer loyalty, is this is a very big topic. And in the context of this video, I’m only going to be able to touch the tip of the iceberg of options for this. But we’ll touch the high levels and see if we can get a lot of information to understand what we can help you do.

So first it’s important to know that Bepoz can do most of the loyalty programs that you’re used to seeing. So I can do buy 10 get 10 free. I can do spend $100 and get some kind of coupon. I can do spend $100 and get a widget. I can do spend $100 and get 100 points that I can then use to spend in the store. All of those options are options within Bepoz. 

We could also do things like tiered loyalty. So you might have a tiered plan, which is bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium, as many different levels as you want to have. And Bepoz can automatically tier your customers through those levels. So let’s say bronze is good until, and every business is different but good until you spend $1000. Once you spend $1000, you become silver. So once you hit that silver level, Bepoz will automatically move you up to the silver level. And at the silver level, you could now get a whole different set of rewards. So if it’s buy 10 get one free, now it might be buy 9 get one free. If it’s spend $100 to get a widget, it might now be spend $90 get a widget. If it’s spend $100 get 100 points, it might be spend $100 get 110. Could be lots of different methods on how I track and take care of this information for loyalty customers. But there’s many different ways this could be done.

Now on the backside of this, I’ve given you loyalty programs, and we put the information in there on how we track the customers. I could track them by their email address, by their mobile phone number, by card, by an app, by a widget on the website. Lots of different methods that we could use to interface for your loyalty program. But at the end of the day, we want to be able to market to these customers. So not only do I want to use the loyalty program to give customers an incentive to keep on coming back to my business, but I also want to be able to market to them and help pull them back into my business. 

So now I can do things, like today if you don’t have a loyalty program, you don’t know if a customer stops coming to your business. In Bepoz, I can say, hey I want to automatically, every month, send out a text message or email to every customer we haven’t seen in X number of days, let’s say 90, 100 days. Whatever you feel comfortable within your time period. And you automatically send them a text or email with the promotion.

So the text message or email says something like, “Hey we haven’t seen you in a while. We’d love to see you back. If you come back in, on your next transaction, you’ll get 10% off. It’ll automatically apply at the register. You don’t even need to bring anything.”

So when that customer comes in and brings up their loyalty account, however you bring it up in the system again. We said there’s many different ways to do that. When I bring up their transaction and I ring out the appropriate item. So the discount, let’s say I gave them 10% off of certain items, they have to get that certain item, or in that group of items. Otherwise, the discount won’t apply. But if they ring up the product in that category, the system could automatically pop up for the cashier and tell them, hey this customer has a voucher that they would like to redeem. Would you like to redeem it now? They can ask the customer. If the customer says yes, they can apply it. And it will take 10% off the rules that you applied to it.

Now it’s important to know with some of these, there can be expiration dates. So I can give you a reward, and your reward would be good for X number of days. Let’s say it’s good for 30 days. If you don’t come within that 30 day period, the reward won’t work. If you come within the 30day period, it would. And it’s also important to know that that digital reward is removed from the system. So the customer only gets one reward if that’s what they’re qualified for. So lot’s of different ways we can look at that. 

It is also possible to give certain discounts only to loyalty customers. Now I could give examples for this that you’ve probably all seen like in grocery stores or in airports. So in a grocery store, if you sign up for the loyalty plan, they have certain discounts that are on the shelf that only apply if you’re a loyalty member. So we could do that, and say these promotions only are applied, you get a buy one get one free meal. It’s only if you’re a loyalty member. You get this item 10% off. It’s only if you’re a loyalty member.

You could also do that on your tiered program. And this can be very powerful. So you could now say, hey if you get to be a gold member, these promotions are only available for gold members. Now we also have customer-facing displays, so we can add a customer-facing display. And on that customer-facing display, you could pop up videos, texts, and graphics. And on those, you can advertise your promotions. So now you can say on your customer-facing displays, hey gold member discount is 10% off of whatever, right? And now everybody wants to become a gold member. And this is very similar to the airlines. You know if you become a gold, elite status for your airline, now you get certain perks. You get first on the airline, you get certain discounts on certain items. Certain things apply only to you once you get that gold status. So people will shop or go to the same airline over and over again in order to achieve that gold status.

So we can give you that same psychological benefit with your customers to say, hey. Once you become a gold member, these discounts are going to apply. These promotions are only for gold members, but we tell everybody about them. So everybody wants to achieve that gold status. And it can be very powerful to incentivize your customers to come back over and over and over again.

That’s just a brief overview of some of the things that Bepoz can do related to loyalty. There’s many many more things we can do, and we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you with loyalty programs and a point of sale system. 

If you’d like to talk to us, you can call the number at the top of the screen, or click the link below.