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Successfully running a profitable Internet café involves more than having a steady, reliable online connection. It involves keeping track of everything that goes on in your shop. Trouble can crop up if you use one or more totally disparate systems, or one faulty system, to keep track of all your sales. In addition to Internet sessions that have different rates and lengths, you may also be selling coffee, snacks, sodas, mini-meals, and even larger food items and retail items. Keep track of it all in a single, easy-to-use software solution with a Bepoz Internet Café POS System.

Customized Internet Café POS Software

Bepoz Internet Café POS Software streamlines all your transactions, tracking and storing all your data in one safe and consolidated location on the Cloud. Authorized individuals can access the data from any device, whether on-site, at home or mobile, as long as you have an Internet connection (and we know you have that).

Our POS software can be programmed to suit your café’s many needs, regardless of how much or little merchandise you sell, how large or small your menu or even if you have a multi-lingual environment where languages other than English would be a big plus.

Boost Your Biz with Additional Features

Because Bepoz offers a software solution, all areas of your café are covered. Establish a main monitor at your front counter and add others in your kitchen to keep the food orders straight, your office to keep track of active and paid-for Internet sessions, and even hook up a kiosk or take orders from a mobile device anywhere in your establishment. Bepoz additionally lets you manage memberships, reach out to existing and potential customers and review analytical reports of all or select transactions. Contact us for more information.

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