POS System Without Changing Credit Card Processing

Carrying cash has become a thing of the past. Most of your customers use debit or credit cards for all of their transactions. You need to be able to accept this form of payment, but how does that affect your POS system? Watch the video below as Tim breaks down how you can use just about any credit card processing system.

Credit Card Processors

If you already accept credit cards, as most places do, then you already have a credit card processor. What processor do you work with? Are you devoted to that processor? You probably had very good reasons for choosing the credit card processor you did. Making a change could be both frustrating and expensive.

POS Systems and Credit Card Processing

Most POS companies require that you change credit card processors. They may have their own processor or only have the functionality to work with certain companies. Opting into or changing POS systems often comes with the added hassle of using and paying for the processing company they want you to have.

A POS System Without Credit Card Processing

Most POS systems require that you use a certain processing company because it makes them money. Even low-cost point-of-sale systems may end up costing their customers much more with outlandish processing fees. Businesses then find themselves in contracts with no-frills POS companies while also paying more than they should for credit card transactions. A POS system without credit card processing is a rare find, but an important one.

Bepoz has no interest in making business more difficult and costly for our clients. We want you to use the credit card processing company you choose. We can integrate with almost any credit card processor. Do you want to learn more about Bepoz? Click here and call us today!

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale Systems. Hey, we get a lot of customers who call us up, who are asking, the first question they ask out of the gate is, what credit card processor do you work with. And the reason that they ask that is because there is a lot of point of sale providers out in the world today that would require that you change your credit card processing over to their company in order to buy their point of sale system.

Bepoz just is not one of those companies. We will allow you to use whatever processor you want when you come to the table. So Bepoz can integrate with many, many, many different credit card processors. We probably cover 95% of the market with different credit card processors that you can bring when you come to us.

So if you have a need for a point of sale system, but you don’t want to get stuck in that rat trap of buying a point of sale system, then getting stuck into a contract with a credit card processor, who then might be charging you exorbitant rates, way more than buying a more expensive point of sale system. In fact, this is something that happens oftentimes. You’re offered a very inexpensive point of sale system, but the rates that you pay for the credit card processing is more expensive than just buying a point of sale system or leasing it, and paying what you would pay normally in the end, and getting better features. Because most of the systems that do that, many of them have lighter features and don’t have all the things that you want in order to grow your business.

So if you want to talk to us about buying a point of sale system, or looking at a point of sale system, or getting a quote on a point of sale system, or a system that won’t require you to stay or move processors, we’d love to talk to you. You can either call the number at the top of the page or click the link below.