Senior Living POS Software That’s COVID-19 Ready

A senior living cafeteria pos system must provide delicious, nutritious food in a safe and efficient way. The best way for a senior center living center to thrive is by using retirement management systems. These management systems and programs simplify tracking, menu planning and inventory. The age of COVID-19 highlights the importance of assisted living software that uses features needed for the lowest contact and the highest value. Watch the video below as Tim demonstrates the Bepoz assisted living software system.


Cashless Systems for Mealtime

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Cash passes through countless hands and brings all of the germs from those hands along with it. Your POS system for senior living needs to take that into consideration. A cashless system keeps everyone involved in the transaction from having to share germs that cause viruses.

Bepoz is a senior living cafeteria POS system that has the flexibility to let your customers and clients use all types of payments. Naturally, seniors can still pay with cash if that is what they prefer. However, the Bepoz POS system for senior living lets them use their tap and go door access card, credit cards, debit cards or even vouchers. Make payment even easier with account charges that require no payment transactions at mealtime.

One of the most important features for senior living is the ability to manage meal plans. A resident can either get a certain number of meals per day, week or month or a certain number of dollars per day, week or month. Bepoz manages it all.

Easy Menu Scheduling with Senior Living Dining Service POS

Scheduling menu changes on your point of sale system is important at all times. The best POS system for senior living creates an opportunity for you to schedule meals and menu changes in advance. The right senior living POS system makes meal scheduling easy and trackable. Generate reports, track inventory and keep a calendar for meals all in one place. 

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Manage Multiple Environments with One Assisted Living Software System

Your senior living facility may have a number of areas that require point of sale software. The best POS system for senior living is one that provides you with the flexibility for use in multiple environments. Your Senior living facility may have a cafeteria, a pharmacy or even a gift shop. POS systems for senior living must be malleable enough to work with food and retail at the same time.

The Bepoz senior living cafeteria POS system was made for customizing. Your Senior living facility can use Bepoz for senior living dining services and retail shops. However, the usefulness of assisted living software solutions shouldn’t end there. Bepoz is also helpful for the back office. Use our retirement management system to manage the purchase of supplies, ingredients and even personnel.

Eco-Friendly Software Systems During COVID-19

The last thing you want during a worldwide pandemic is to add to the stress of the environment. Senior living dining services do not need to create more paper waste. A system like Bepoz lets you avoid paper receipts and reports if you wish. Customers, clients and patients can opt for emailed forms. This is an environmentally friendly solution that eliminates the need for sharing physical documents while also saving time and money.


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Senior Living Software & Online Ordering

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, some of your residents may wish to avoid a common area. The possibility of illness might make it necessary for residents at your facility to avoid senior living dining services if they cannot eat privately. Our retirement management system can convert into an easy-to-use, online ordering software solution. Residents can call or place an online order and the system will promptly deliver that information to your cafeteria for processing.

Online ordering is a safe and secure way to accept payment. Any person who orders through the online system can pay with a credit card, debit card or meal plan on the account. They can even use coupons and discounts if they have them! We know that online ordering is preferred by most people during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no reason to wait – your facility should offer this service in 2020 and beyond.

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One System That Does it All

Bepoz Senior living software is a centralized senior living POS system that combines all of your needs into one. The senior living cafeteria POS system lets you track inventory, create menus, re-arrange meals as needed, place orders, generate receipts, craft reports and much more.

Bepoz is a singular senior living POS system. This means that you do not have to learn several complicated assisting living software solutions. You only need to learn and train employees on Bepoz. Best of all, Bepoz offers excellent support so you are never left on your own when managing your senior living software solutions.

Are you ready to learn how to incorporate POS senior living dining services like Bepoz? Watch our demo to see how Bepoz helps businesses like yours. You can also contact us or call us at 855-313-0857 to speak with one of our senior living software experts. Call us today and start getting more out of your senior living management software!