6 Reasons Why You Need a Liquor Store POS System

The liquor store business is an enticing venture. Responsible Alcohol usage fuels the happy hour that we know and love but managing how the alcohol gets to the customer can be quite a process. Liquor store owners simply must have the right liquor store management software in place. Without the right system, liquor store owners can miss out on sales opportunities and get overwhelmed by inventory.

While running a liquor store, you will need to keep an account of your inventory. Apart from ensuring that your customers are of the legal drinking age, you will also need to know the precise number of bottles and cases that are in your store to serve your customers without going out of stock. 

Every day, modern businesses both large and small are making key updates across departments to stay a step ahead of the competition. At times, things can be simple, like replacing your bulk cash register or changing the interior, but sometimes, you will need a software change.

No matter the size of your liquor store, with the right POS software, your store’s efficiency will be doubled and your sales numbers will increase.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Liquor Store POS System:

POS software helps improve the overall management of your business. A few of the notable benefits you will acquire when you opt for the POS systems for liquor stores are:

1. Better customer service

The liquor store POS system allows users to capture and store essential information of the customers in their database. 

The Bepoz POS system allows you to store frequent customer’s history information and tag them as VIP customers. In turn, this helps to reward your customers with VIP club pricing and helps the store with CRM for retaining a customer’s loyalty for a prolonged period. 

2. Effortless age verification

Age verification is an important task to deal with if you’re selling wine and spirits. A single mistake in age verification can bring in lots of trouble for the business.

For example, if you end up selling liquor to an underage customer, you will end up paying a hefty fine and even termination of your license.

The Bepoz POS software comes with an ID Scanner that will, at once, verify the age of the customer and will also check the authentication of their IDs.  

3. Easy promotion customization 

With our liquor store POS software, you can apply discounts or other promotions to a single bottle or your entire inventory. It helps in applying the promotions and discounts easily during checkout. 

This will eventually help to serve your customers better and faster as you will not need to enter the codes manually. 

Our POS software for liquor stores can easily detect which promotion/discount is applicable to which bottle or to which customer even in a mix and match case. 

4. Inventory tracking 

Whether you have one location or a multi-location organization, counting the bottles is a laborious task. The POS can keep an account of your entire inventory and update you with what’s there in your inventory, be it beer, wine, or any liquor. 

You can also set your POS system to automatically place an order for a particular item when it is running out of stock from your inventory and optimize your inventory levels potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars. The order and inventory amounts are customizable. 

5. Better employee service

Having multiple employees in a single store can result in a security breach. So, the POS software allocates a separate login ID along with a pin/password to every employee to login to the system.

This will help to limit the access of the employee to the company’s data and goods based on their job role and position.

6. Centralized Management of Profit and Sales reporting

In this 21st century, centralized management is the key to the success of any business whether you have one location or a multi-location operation. Having global access to sales and inventory reporting will help the owners analyze their business’s profit and build a strategy for a better outcome.

The Bottom Line for Liquor Store Managers

The right POS software for your liquor store can serve you with an abundance of benefits; but to make the most out of it, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right one.

A few features to look for while choosing your liquor store POS system are:

  • The security framework of the software
  • The ability to detect age and counterfeit ID card, and 
  • Advanced reporting features

When searching for POS software for liquor stores, keep an eye out for the features mentioned above to ensure that your liquor store can benefit from the right features you need to grow your business.

When it comes to selecting the right point of sale system for your liquor store branch or empire, always research, analyze and compare the systems before investing. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the Bepoz POS system for liquor stores, please click here or call us at (855) 313-0857.