6 Top Quality Reporting and Analysis POS Features

Top quality reporting and analysis is at the heart of Bepoz. In fact, we have one of the most advanced reporting systems in the point-of-sale (POS) industry. Our software helps solve practical problems that bring tangible results. It also elevates you as a restaurant or retail shop owner to make better financial decisions. Check out some of Bepoz’s top impressive features. We’re sure you will see our system is remarkable.

1. Custom Reports

Review Bepoz’s standard reports and modify them to fit your needs, or create your own fully customized reports. There are hundreds of fields that can be added, along with formulas that can augment information to get you the particular piece of information you need.

2. Scheduled Reports

Set up reports to be emailed to you on a certain schedule. Perhaps you want to review them daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

3. Work Flow Set Up

We take the simplest reports and tie together features and functions to create a business work flow.

  • Receive alerts for aging inventory.
  • Set up a promotion with a certain set of customers to receive a great deal and blast it out through email or SMS text.
  • Motivate staff to sell through top-seller incentives. Then run a report to see who won.

4. Web Reporting

Review your reports on any device with an internet connection. That way you can access them anywhere with Bepoz’s web reporting module.

5. Charts and Graphs

How do you want to view your reports? Compare other quarters to your current quarter, and decide if you want to see it in a chart or graph.

6. Analysis Reports

This is your business’s brain. Not only will Bepoz’s software tell when to reorder, but Bepoz can help you know how much to reorder based on sales history. Slow moving products, Return on Investment figures, or a vast array of other statistics are possible.

These are just some of the options available with Bepoz’s reporting and analysis system. Give us a call today for an online demo to see how it can work for you.