Why Bepoz’s Tablet POS Is Good For Your Business

Looking for more innovative ways to run your restaurant or retail business? For starters, going mobile with your point-of-sale (POS) system is one of the fastest growing trends in technology. Not only does Bepoz’s Tablet POS System enhance customer service and offer operational advantages, it helps boost sales too.  Our software is sophisticated, flexible, and easy to manage.

Key Features

  • Connect to the private cloud, public cloud, or both. Use cloud-based servers to give accessibility of the public cloud while sharing the data where local transactions are happening.
  • Integrate with Window-based devices, mobile devices and other stationary terminals.
  • Give customers the choice to email their receipts.
  • Provide information about a product or service to a customer when working the sales floor.

Top Benefits

Convenience for Customers

For example, some fast food restaurants use them in their drive thru to keep the line moving faster. In retail, your sales associates can check customers out in the aisles.

 Decreases Human Error

For example, when a server takes an order tableside, the order is going in immediately instead of the server leaving the table and getting sidetracked before they make it to the terminal to remember the order.

 Captures Data

Servers and sales associates can easily capture emails and sign up folks for the businesses’ reward or loyalty program. It’s easy to ask when you are face-to-face with a customer. It’s also an added customer service boost.

Knows Your Inventory

When working on the floor, sales associates can check the stock room without ever leaving the customer. Servers can receive alerts on their mobile device when the kitchen is out of a certain menu item.

Are you ready to take the next stop toward learning how a Tablet POS could work for your restaurant or retail business? Set up your online demo with Bepoz today.