Bepoz’s Software as a Service Can Fit Any Business

Are you feeling like it’s time to customize your retail shop or restaurant’s business solutions to help facilitate your processes? Let Bepoz’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Point-of-Sale (POS) software assist you. It includes processes like customer relations, supply-chain management, and finances.

Some Factors To Consider When Reviewing Bepoz’s SaaS Software


Even large stores can have difficulty investing in a central POS system, let alone a small business that is just starting out. That’s why Bepoz provides value that is easy on your bottom line by offering a month-to-month subscription.


Bepoz has 40 years of experience in Information Technology Operations. That means when you call us with a question, we have skilled technicians available 24/7 to ensure your business has the maximum uptime. Contact us via telephone or email.


Bepoz’s SaaS software is Windows-based, so it’s simple to use, and it offers full POS strength and mobility. Training your staff is quick and easy.

Data Sharing

Share data using other applications within your company and even with others outside your company. These third parties include:  independent logistics, product catalogs, market analysis, and even data exchange between joint-loyalty programs.

Grows With You

No matter what size your business is, retailers, restaurants and independent stores can benefit for Bepoz’s SaaS software. As you build your business, you can adopt new features as they fit your business model without concern for spikes in internal information technology.

Interested in learning more about Bepoz’s SaaS software? Give us a call for an online demo today.