5 Ways POS Customer Engagement Can Change Your Business

Face-to-face interaction with customers will always be important, but in today’s technologically savvy world, the way your point-of-sale (POS) system interacts with your customers could be just as equally important. Here are 5 ways a Bepoz POS can change your retail or restaurant business through customer engagement in a good way.

1. Customized Promotions

Most customers like a great deal. Your POS system can recognize when it’s time to send a promotion. It can also identify the customers that are likely to respond. For example, set up a mechanism in your POS software to let you know who bites at the “Buy One, Get One” offer. Send that customer another similar promotion at a later time. Check to see who used the “Happy Hour Special” and send those patrons another similar offer. Now you have two promotions going on that are customized to the customers who are most likely to respond to those offers.

2. Royal Treatment for Loyalty

Customer Loyalty promotions are another way to provide incentives to those who frequent your restaurant or retail business, and Bepoz has one of the best-integrated customer loyalty systems in the industry. Build the element of surprise in your program by creating random prize promotions at certain levels of purchases, frequent visits, etc. For example, you might have bronze, silver, and gold-tiered levels in your retail shop. Send a notification to let customers know when they might be close to moving up in your loyalty program, by providing incentives to purchase higher priced items and more often in a certain time period.

3. Targeted Ads

There are many ways to promote, and the best place is inside your retail store or restaurant. Consider a digital customer display to promote videos or images of entrees, products, services, etc. Strategically place these at the POS, end-caps, customer inquiry terminals, and even door check in stations.

4. Send Emails and SMS/Texts

Did you know that 95% of texts are read within three minutes of being sent? Why not text your customers who opt-in to your SMS list your promotions right from your POS system? Track who is opening or using this service with your POS. Then apply vouchers to customer accounts or profiles and surprise them on their next visit.

 5. Track Memberships

Perhaps you have dues or monthly subscriptions unsettled, find out who owes what and when. Or dive into the metrics to see who is purchasing what and when they are buying. You can learn their habits quickly by finding patterns within your POS software.

How would you like to improve your restaurant or retail store’s customer engagement? We hope these simple solutions give you a better idea of what Bepoz can do for you when it comes to better customer engagement. Give us a call today to set up a demo.