Bepoz POS Offers Endless System Options

Competitive edge with endless options! That’s what you’ll find with a Bepoz Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Whether you are a restaurant or retail business, you must have internal visibility to stay competitive. Our software keeps an eye on your business even when you’re not. Here are a few of our system options.

Endless Reporting

Receive reports by email on your defined schedule on your smart phone, iPad, and/or laptop, whatever you choose. Customize your reports; add charts and graphs; and don’t forget to utilize the software’s intelligent analysis.

Multiple Platforms

Choose from Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud platforms. Then access your software with a swipe, scan, pin, fingerprint, or RFID.

Sales Tracking

We’ve got one of the best inventory tracking systems in the industry. Create custom reports, audits, and even set up alerts in the areas where you want to know your return on investment. You’ll watch your sales soar as you keep track of your data patterns and trends.

Other System Options

  • Employee Security
  • Data Security
  • System Redundancies
  • Temporary and Permanent Offline Modes
  • Custom Job Role and Station-based Permissions
  • Individual Databases
  • The Policy of PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

What system options are you considering for your restaurant or retail business? Let us help you. Give Bepoz a call today.