5 Smoke Shop POS System Features You Must Have

Smoke shops have unique needs that aren’t recognized at every retail establishment. Owners and managers of these shops should be aware of the specifics that are required for point-of-sale transactions. Luckily, Bepoz offers a smoke shop POS system that covers all of these needs and more. Let’s explore a few of the features that make Bepoz one of the best POS systems for vape shops and smoke shops.

Top 5 Smoke Shop POS System Features You Need

1. Unique User IDs

It is an unfortunate fact that some employees might make mistakes at the point of sale. A smoke or vape shop must be able to pinpoint which register experienced a problem. The easiest way to do this is to have unique user IDs for each employee. Each user ID allows for a distinct profile that can be accessed by the employee and the manager.

The profiles can be set up differently for each user. You might want a manager or assistant manager to have access to certain features that would not be made available to a cashier. The right smoke shop POS offers this ability as part of its package. However, it is not enough to simply provide unique employee profiles. Tobacco POS programs must ensure that all information is secure and accurate, especially when investigating employee theft cases.

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Streamlined Inventory Management with Bepoz Smoke Shop POS

2. Inventory Management

Any smoke shop POS system should offer inventory management. Without this essential vape POS software feature, you will find accurate inventory in your smoke or vape shop to be frustrating and inaccurate. You could calculate inventory by hand at the end of each day, but it is much easier and safer to track inventory with your vape shop POS.

Inventory control using vape point of sale software is simple. When a customer checks out with their products, the cashier can use a barcode scanner to record the sale. That product is then automatically removed from the inventory. With this process in place, you will always have an accurate count of the items you have in stock. You will know when to reorder when you have a surplus and streamline the process of reordering, which saves time. With Bepoz, you can also use inventory management to advise your pricing. By leveraging a powerful inventory management system, you will quickly learn which items are in demand and which are not favored by your customers.

3. Multi-Location Smoke Shop System

Do you have multiple locations? Many vape shop owners operate in more than one area. You don’t need a separate smoke shop POS system for each store. You need a multi-location smoke shop system that works across all of your shops.

The best POS systems for vape shops give you access to every register’s activity regardless of the location. You can customize the smoke shop POS to combine all inventory or separate reports for each store. A multi-location smoke shop system allows you to run reports for all of your shops to have a full view of your profits. It also allows you to manage all the products and inventory centrally across all locations.  

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Increase sales and improve customer retention with Bepoz Smoke Shop POS

4. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are proven to increase sales and improve customer retention. The best POS systems for vape shops allow you to implement loyalty programs without introducing unwanted stress to your employees.

The Bepoz multi-store smoke shop POS program lets you create a loyalty program that can work at one store or all of your locations. The tobacco POS program can function in any way you wish. Bepoz supports many types of loyalty plans. Probably the most popular type of loyalty program used in vapes shops allows your customers to earn points for each dollar spent. They can then use those points for discounts or free products. However, Bepoz also supports rewards for every X number of purchases, free or discounted items, rewards in cash value, tiers of loyalty plans, and many more options. The Bepoz vape shop POS system keeps all of this information secure and easily accessible for you.

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Bepoz Smoke Shop POS lets you grow your smoke shop, streamline inventory, and improve customer experience without the stress.

5. Easy to Operate

The last thing you need is a vape POS software that is difficult to understand and operate. You don’t want to spend countless hours training employees on how to use a smoke shop POS system, and we think you shouldn’t have to. That’s why Bepoz developed a simple vape shop POS program that can be learned within minutes. If your employee can operate a cash register or a smartphone, they can use the Bepoz vape point of sale software.

Ease of use is vital for shops that might have regular turnover. You will lose very little time in training when you have a tobacco POS program as user-friendly as Bepoz. However, simplicity is not just useful for employees. As a manager or owner, you should have no problems running back-end numbers from other multi-store smoke shop POS programs. You also don’t need to worry about customizing the system to fit your needs. Bepoz is easily customizable for virtually any situation.

Contact us to learn more about the Bepoz smoke shop POS system and vape POS software. We will make it easy for you to operate your smoke shop without worry over lost inventory or inaccurate sales. Call us today and schedule a demo!

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