3 POS E-Commerce Integrations You Need During COVID-19

Isolation has taken a toll on businesses of all sizes. No one has felt the economic pain of COVID-19 like small businesses. However, some companies have found a way to become more profitable during this difficult time. In order to achieve this, you must do more than provide products and services your clients need. You must also reach out to them, make purchases safe and easy, adopt an omnicommerce strategy and enact POS system e-commerce integration.

Just because COVID-19 isolation is hard for businesses doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. POS with an e-commerce integration is much easier than you might think. All it takes is the right partnership with a point-of-sale software system that will manage much of the technical work for you.

Before you learn more about the three e-commerce POS integration techniques you need to get your business through isolation, you may have some questions about some of the most common terms.

What Is an e Commerce POS Integration - 3 POS E-Commerce Integrations You Need During COVID-19

What Is an e-Commerce POS Integration?

You undoubtedly understand that POS stands for point-of-sale. What you may not understand is e-commerce POS integration. Basically, this phrase refers to the combining of all aspects of sales, from inventory to post-sales reports. POS integration is vital in brick-and-mortar stores, but perhaps even more important for online retailers. Enacting e-commerce integration with POS allows you to keep track of inventory, sales, prices and more whether your items are being sold through an online marketplace, your personal website or in your physical store.

What Is a Marketplace Aggregator or Conglomerate - 3 POS E-Commerce Integrations You Need During COVID-19

What Is a Marketplace Aggregator or Conglomerate?

An aggregator is a company that compiles products from many different sellers in one easy-to-find location. Using an aggregator makes e-commerce integration with POS even more important. You will need to ensure all items listed are in stock before they are sold. An e-commerce integration with your POS System will also keep your prices and product listings updated as those changes take place.

What Is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel refers to a retail strategy that fully integrates the shopping experience. Users don’t have to choose between one form of shopping and another when your business seamlessly offers products in multiple venues.

3 POS e Commerce Integrations You Need - 3 POS E-Commerce Integrations You Need During COVID-19

3 POS e-Commerce Integrations You Need

1. Integrate with an Aggregator

Companies like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and even Google have found they can turn a significant product by providing a platform for other businesses to showcase their products. Integrating your business with one of these aggregators offers the omnicommerce solution you need. Your tried and true customers can continue to find you through your website and social media pages. New customers might discover your offerings by searching through their favorite marketplace.

The upside of working with a conglomerate marketplace is that you will have the added bonus of gaining additional access to prospective customers. Likewise, a company like Amazon is so dominating in retail that it could almost be considered a risk to not use their platform. The proof is in the numbers. Amazon stock enjoyed an all-time high during COVID-19 isolation while much of the retail industry suffers.

Amazon’s own blog shares that small businesses “are 2.5 times more likely (46% versus 18%) to have seen revenue growth of 25% or more in the past year” when they partner with the retail giant. This isn’t only true for Amazon partners. Walmart, eBay, Target and Google Shopping are all popular with sellers and consumers alike. Omnicommerce means you connect with everyone, everywhere. What better way to do this than by partnering with a conglomerate with an existing, not to mention very large, customer base?

Improve Your Existing Website - 3 POS E-Commerce Integrations You Need During COVID-19

2. Improve Your Existing Website

Consumers are turning to online shopping to fulfill their needs and wants. Likewise, isolated individuals have a lot of time on their hands and need to make their budgets stretch as far as possible. They will take their time to find the best deals on the products they need. You can make it easier for them by working with plugins like WooCommerce and platforms like Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce.

WooCommerce is the internet’s most popular plugin because it helps small businesses customize their online stores while keeping them user-friendly. Shopify is a cloud-based store that gives your customers confidence in a secure shopping environment. With both of these e-commerce entities you can easily change products and pricing based on user activity and feedback.

Bepoz offers the best POS and e-commerce integration with Shopify, WooCommerce and many other online shopping. Bepoz gives you the ability to easily navigate plugins and platforms that are necessary for creating an environment that invites customers in while they shop from home.

3. Leverage Our API Connection

You do not have to be a technology wizard to craft an API connection. All you need is a program that does the hard work for you. Bepoz works with multiple applications in a way that can be customized for your unique company. You can take advantage of an omnichannel strategy and enjoy a POS e-commerce integration plan without having to take classes in computer programming. You also don’t need to purchase multiple products.

Bepoz clients have the benefit of the best POS and e-commerce integration. We also have access to a support center that answers all of your questions as they arise. You are not left on your own when planning POS e-commerce integration. Bepoz backs you up every step of the way.

E-commerce POS integration is simplified with Bepoz. Your products will appear in your online inventory, the order is processed through the system, the inventory is updated and sales reports are ready for you when you need them. Your customers are thrilled with the ease of the check-out process and you never worry if your system is accurately tracking sales and inventory.

Contact Bepoz today to improve your customers’ shopping experience and your own bottom line. You will increase profitability even during these difficult times.