Cigar Store POS for Marketing, Promotions, Discounts

Your cigar store cannot succeed without a good marketing campaign. You must offer promotions and discounts to satisfy and retain customers. Watch the video below about the role Bepoz’s Point of Sale will play in your successful marketing strategy utilizing cigar store pos discounts and more.

Marketing Troubles for Cigar Stores

It’s no secret: Marketing is tricky for cigar stores. There are severe regulations for advertising your products. Therefore, the bulk of your customer retention needs to come from in-store marketing, promotions, and discounts.

Using Your POS to Promote Specials

Promotions help secure business. Customers who find they will get regular deals will come back again and again. This is important because statistics show that returning customers spend 67 percent more than new customers. Believe it or not, your POS can help. 

Using Your POS to Discount Items

Bepoz makes discounting easier than ever. Your cashiers don’t need to try to remember how to manually discount items. Bepoz does it for you. All you need to do is decide which products you wish to discount, how much the discount will be, and when it will take place. Bepoz will do the rest. You can set Bepoz to discount items at check-out during a specific date range. You can offer a discount by dollar amount or percentage. You can even set a discount to only apply when a specific number of items are purchased. The Bepoz POS for cigar stores can even offer discounts that only apply to loyalty program members or loyalty program members who have reached a specific tier.

Email and Text Message Marketing

Communication with your customer is important and brings customers back over and over again. Bepoz offers optional upgrades to email marketing, text message marketing, or both. With this tool, you can communicate with any of the customers in your loyalty or rewards programs with offers and promotions that build repeat business. 

Customer Display with Marketing 

Using your POS to market promotions and discounts is a lot easier than you might think. Bepoz offers customer-facing displays that will show them any sales or seasonal discounts. The display can advertise buy-one-get-one promotions and your loyalty program. You can even show videos through the Bepoz customer-facing display.

Promoting your store can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Using Bepoz POS for cigar stores lets you control your in-store advertising while also carrying out sales and discounts with ease. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:20 Cigar Store POS for Marketing Controlling Employee Theft
0:53 Cigar Store POS for Marketing Automated Discounts & Promotions
1:54 Cigar Store POS for Marketing: Customizable Promotions
2:03 Customizable Discounts
2:37 Loyalty Member Programs

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale for tobacco stores, and in this video, we’re going to cover the capabilities of Bepoz to give you promotions and discounts. 

0:20 Cigar Store POS for Marketing, Promotions, Discounts: Controlling Employee Theft

Now, promotions and discounts can be very powerful to help you drive and add additional revenue to your business, but they also can have the potential for theft or problems with employees. So we have a whole video on theft prevention and you can watch that if you want to find out more about that topic, but it’s important to note that promotions have the capacity to help or hurt depending on how you use them. 

0:53 Automated Discounts & Promotions

So let me define a promotion. So a promotion could be I have some sale on an item and for a day or a week or a month, those items are going to be automatically discounted. So we could have, you know, five percent off or a dollar off or two dollars off or whatever it is off of certain products for some specific time period, and in that case, those items are automatically discounted. So when we start that discount the day it starts, the discount automatically applies, and when the period ends, the discount automatically ends.

That’s important because in many systems, if you don’t have that, what you end up doing is giving your employees a button to press to give that discount to the customer, and once I’ve given that discount button to the employee, they can use that discount or abuse that discount button for friends and family and for other methods that they want, and that’s always a danger. 

1:54 Cigar Store POS for Marketing, Promotions, Discounts: Customizable Promotions

So being able to control this with promotions can be very powerful and there’s lots of reasons to be able to do the promotions, but you also want to secure your business while you’re doing it. 

2:03 Cigar Store POS for Marketing, Promotions, Discounts: Customizable Discounts

So there’s many different ways that you can give that promotion. It could be a dollar off, it could be a percentage off, or it could be what we call a multi-buy, hey, buy one, get one free or buy one, get one fifty percent off or buy two, get one free or buy two, get one fifty percent off or some combination or variation of that or buy two and get a dollar off or buy this package. So it could be a mix and match, you buy this and that and get a third item free. So it could be some kind of package, and all of those are possible options for promotions within Bepoz. 

2:37 Loyalty Member Programs

It’s also possible to apply those discounts to specific members or loyalty members. So we have a whole video on loyalty and accounts, and you can watch that to see more detail on loyalty, but if you have loyalty members, I might apply certain promotions just to loyalty members. You probably have seen that at your local grocery store, many grocery stores do this, if you sign up for the loyalty account, then there are always special items that are discounted only if you’re in the loyalty plan. 

Now there’s reasons why they do that and they want your data and your information of who you are for various reasons and so they can market to you primarily, but for other various reasons, they want to get your loyalty information. So we could offer discounts just to those loyalty members and if I have tiers, let’s say bronze, silver, and gold, I could apply that promotion just to the gold members, which gives people an extra incentive to get to that gold level, and all of these things start to work together to help build additional revenue and incentivize loyalty and tell people they need to shop at your business for the products that you sell. 

Well if you’d like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help you grow your business, we’d love to talk to you. You can call us at the number on the top of your screen or click the link below.