Cigar Store POS & Employee Permissions

Cigar stores have a need for employees who have a variety of roles. Not every employee needs access to all of the information in your system. Watch the video below as we talk about access to different employee permission levels and manage your employees better via Bepoz’s Cigar Store POS System.

What are Employee Permissions?

When it comes to point-of-sale software, your employees must be able to access a variety of levels. However, you don’t necessarily want every employee to have access to all of the powerful tools and reports available through Bepoz. POS permissions for employees allow you to determine what employees can see when they log in.

What Levels of Access are Needed?

Many of your employees spend the bulk of their time working directly with customers. Cashiers and other customer service professionals need to be able to accept payments and view loyalty program details. Stockers might only need access to inventory tracking data. Meanwhile, you may have a store manager who should have access to all of your store information. However, if you have multiple locations, you might not want that store manager to be able to access the data from another store. With Bepoz, cigar store permissions are unlimited. You can create the levels you want to meet your needs.

Locking and Blocking Certain Functions

Bepoz has the ability to store information about customers, employees, sales, inventory, and much more. However, it’s not always a good idea for employees to have too much information. Locking details from anyone who is not in management is often a wise choice. Many stores don’t want to give new hires too much access too soon. Bepoz allows you to change an employee’s level from heavily restricted access while on probation to more access once they have proven their reliability. This ensures that your data won’t be compromised or corrupted by someone who is still learning.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:18 Cigar Store POS and Employee Permissions: Employee Permissions
0:48 Cigar Store POS and Employee Permissions: POS Permissions
1:56 Cigar Store POS and Employee Permissions: System Management Permissions
3:28 Multi-Location Management

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale system for tobacco stores. In this video, we’re going to cover employee permissions.

0:18 Cigar Store POS and Employee Permissions: Employee Permissions

Now, managing employee permissions are important because they define what your employees can and can’t do in your system. Now you could have a single store and this would have one set of ramifications and you might have multiple stores and it has a completely different set of ramifications. So we have permissions for the point of sale where you sell, and we also have permissions for the back office related to products and inventory and reporting, and that has a whole different level of implications. 

0:48 Cigar Store POS and Employee Permissions: POS Permissions

So first let’s talk about the cash register or the point of sale. When we’re selling, pretty much every function that has an option at the point of sale has up to seven levels of permissions. So I can lock any cashier out of any function and I can set up permissions so that when you log in, we define what you can and can’t do and we can have an unlimited number of roles or levels of permission. So I could have a cashier, I could have a key holder, an assistant manager, a manager, a general manager, an owner, a corporate office employee, an I.T person, whatever level it is, and that level could define what that person could or could not do within the point of sale. So when I come to the cashier, they may be able to do certain discounts and not other discounts. They may be able to do refunds or not and all sorts of different options of what you could allow that person to do or not do at the register. 

Again, same kind of idea. I’ve got an assistant manager and they could maybe do more discounts than the cashier could do but not other discounts that are limited only to the owner or general manager. 

1:56 Cigar Store POS and Employee Permissions: System Management Permissions

Now when we get to the back office and the management of the system, I’ve got products, I have inventory, I have reports, and depending on your level and depending on the size of your organization, might decide what you can and can’t do. 

So if I have a single store, you know, that might be a little bit more limited, but when I have many stores, I could limit your permission as a manager to be able to see your store only or make adjustments in your store only, and with limitations, again gradients of that, some stores, some operations might allow a store manager to do certain things and a different operation would allow a store manager to do other things, I might have a regional manager if I’ve got a larger organization, and that regional manager could then be able to see their entire region without being able to see the entire Enterprise and some head office employee might be able to see the entire Enterprise of everything that’s going on. So that permission decides what I can and can’t do. 

Now, it’s important to note that many organizations operate differently. So I might have central management where I have multiple stores and I have central office employees who do certain portions of controls for the system like setting pricing or creating products or making orders or I might have distributed management with where the manager at the remote store could do those specific functions, and I could have a hybrid approach where the store managers can do some things but some things are only controlled by head office. 

3:28 Multi-Location Management

And Bepoz can control pit permissions for all those different kinds of environments. Now if you’re doing a single store, you still might have a manager and an owner or different levels of managers and have them be able to have certain permissions to be able to do, let’s say a manager could do a price change but the owner is the only one who can actually create products or other components of inventory in different various operations.

So lots of different ways that permissions can help you secure your business and keep the right people, only the right people being able to do the right functions within the system and the business. We would love to talk to you about how Bepoz can help you with your business. If you’d like to talk to us, you can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.