Tobacco Store Customer Facing Display (Rear Display)

A customer-facing display gives tobacco buyers confidence that their purchases are correctly rung up. It also serves to show promotions to customers while they are checking out. Watch the video below as we talk about some benefits of having an optimized tobacco store customer-facing display (rear display) in your tobacco business.

Increase Customer Confidence

Customers are naturally distrustful. They often think they will be overcharged accidentally or on purpose. While there are many ways your tobacco store can soften skepticism, the easiest is through transparency.

A rear-facing display shows your customers exactly what they are purchasing and the dollar amount they are being charged. They can watch the LCD screen as each item is rung up. This full transparency makes customers feel more at ease as they shop.

Promote Specials and Increase Sales

Bepoz Point of Sale Systems uses an advanced LCD screen that is easily viewed by customers during checkout. You can use this LCD screen to show promotions. For example, your customer may have an item that is part of a Buy-Two-Get-One-Free promotion. The display can encourage that customer to make an extra purchase at checkout so they can receive their free item.

Another popular promotion is a discount for a specific purchase amount. Tobacco stores may offer 10 percent off the entire purchase if a customer spends $50. If your customer sees that their purchase total is $43.97 and they only need to spend $6.03 to get that discount, they are likely to do so even though that means spending more than they had intended.

Loyalty Program Benefits

The rear display can also be used to show loyalty rewards. Your customer will see their benefits and reward status. They’ll see how much more they need to spend to reach a certain reward threshold. They can also access loyalty rewards when they are ready for redemption.

A customer-facing display with a rear display makes your cashier’s job easier as well. The customer will see all of their benefits and promotions so your cashiers don’t have to remember to upsell. The display is doing that job for them.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:47 Tobacco Store Customer Facing Display (Rear Display): Display Options
1:09 Tobacco Store Customer Facing Display (Rear Display): Advertisements
1:41 Tobacco Store Customer Facing Display (Rear Display): Loyalty Members Drive Business
3:09 Access Customer Loyalty Accounts
3:23 Investing In Customer-Facing Displays

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale for tobacco stores. In this video, we’re going to talk about a feature of Bepoz that could be helpful in conjunction with other features of Bepoz in order to help drive better business for your operation, and this video is about customer-facing displays. 

Now, first of all, customer-facing displays in Bepoz could be the old traditional method of showing one line, looks like an old, you know, clock radio, or just shows the product and a price. If you want to do that, you know, that’s an available option for us. But typically, what we do is we have an LCD screen on that rear-facing display and that’s where the real power is. 

0:47 Tobacco Store Customer Facing Display (Rear Display): Display Options

Not only can I show the price and the product and I can show your entire transaction, so you know a whole list of all the products that are rung up along with the total in the transaction, but there’s a lot more options in that screen and a lot more power. 

1:09 Tobacco Store Customer Facing Display (Rear Display): Advertisements

First of all, the screen also could be used for advertising. Now I can advertise using graphics or videos, and I could advertise lots of different things. So for instance, I could advertise some promotion. We’ve got a discount on these items and it could be a clearance, we were clearancing some items because we’re trying to reduce stock. You could review our video on analytics to be able to see some of the ideas about how that could be used and how you could figure out your clearance items, but you want to clearance some items, so you could put them on promotion there. I might have a special or that we discussed and put that on there. 

1:41 Tobacco Store Customer Facing Display (Rear Display): Loyalty Members Drive Business

But another powerful tool that could be used is I might be advertising my loyalty plan, right? Loyalty, and we have video on loyalty so you can see all the power of a loyalty plan, but I can advertise a loyalty plan to help increase the number of customers that are on that loyalty plan so that I can use that to drive additional revenue and do marketing because I get emails and text messages from them and drive that business, and I also could have lift different levels of loyalty which we talk about in the other video.

Let’s say a bronze, silver, and gold, and gold is, let’s say once you bought two thousand dollars of at your store or whatever level you want, then I could actually promote the gold level giving everybody something to reach for, hey, when you get to gold level, here’s some certain kind of discounts or promotions that only gold members are going to get. Gold members get X and you’re basically in so many words putting it in the face of every other customer what they’re going to get, what gold members are getting because they’ve spent that much.

So that’s a very powerful technique to be able to have people want to keep on shopping at your business over and over again so they can achieve that level too. Also, if you have those loyalty customers, you could use the system to be able to show the points or the rewards or the values that those loyalty members are getting as they go along in the transaction. 

3:09 Access Customer Loyalty Accounts

So when I pull up their loyalty account, I could show their name, show their points balance, and when they earn rewards. I could have those rewards pop up on the screen so that they could see that they’ve now earned some new reward. 

3:23 Investing In Customer-Facing Displays

So those are just a few ideas on how customer-facing displays can help you. It’s a very small investment for the value that it gives you in increasing the productivity of your entire Bepoz system. If you’d like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help you increase your business, we’d love to talk to you. You can call us at the number on the top of your screen or click the link below.