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01 Apr

Campground and RV Park PMS (Property Management System)

Campgrounds and RV parks that use property management systems to take reservations can utilize a whole new way for customers to pay for foods and services. Watch the video below of how a campground and RV park PMS integrates with Bepoz point of sale systems to increase sales and customer satisfaction.  Campground and RV

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25 Mar

Campground POS – RV Park POS Overview

Campgrounds and RV parks need dedicated systems that help them manage their revenue streams. Watch the video below for a RV Park POS overview and see how many different RV parks and campground revenue centers can benefit from a campground POS.   Campground POS: Point of Sale Systems for Campgrounds A point of sale system

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18 Mar

Candy Store Inventory Management

Candy store inventory management is crucial for continued success. Watch the video below to learn how to optimize candy inventory by managing candy store inventory levels.  Candy Store Inventory Management: Full Store Inventory Most candy stores have multiple forms of income. You probably sell items that you purchase from wholesalers. You may have confections

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11 Mar

Candy Stores & Manufactured Product Sales

Candy stores often make at least some of their own products. You might make fudge, specialty chocolates, chocolate-covered fruits, taffy, ice cream, or any number of items that are unique to your store. If this is something you do, you need to track all of your candy store’s ingredient inventory. Watch the video below as

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04 Mar

Candy Store Barcode Printing

Barcodes are fast, easy, and accurate ways to scan goods at the point of sale. A candy store needs this accuracy, especially when it comes to selling bulk products or those items made in the store. Watch the video below as we go over candy store barcode printing and inventory control through the Bepoz point

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18 Feb

Candy Store Label Printing

Candy stores use labels to identify products and their prices. Watch the video below to see how candy store label printing works and the different options available to you when using barcodes and price labels and more.  Candy Store Label Printing: Barcode and Price Labels Your candy store needs to label its products. You

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11 Feb

Candy Store Multi-Location Management

Managing one candy store takes a lot of work and diligence. Managing multiple candy stores requires the same effort but on a much wider scale. A candy store POS is necessary for the accuracy you need to keep profits high. Watch the video below as we discuss candy store multi-location management with Bepoz.  Candy

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04 Feb

Candy Store Bulk Products

Candy stores typically sell their items in bulk. This can wreak havoc on inventory control if not closely monitored. Watch the video below of how the right point of sale system is the perfect match for candy store bulk products so you can improve inventory control.   Candy Store Bulk Products: Bulk Sales and Inventory

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28 Jan

Candy Store Scales

Candy store scales are used to weigh the amount of candy sold. Your candy store may have an issue with easily connecting the scale read-out to the candy store cash register. Watch the video below to see how Bepoz Point of Sale Systems connects with scales at candy stores.  Candy Store Cash Register Scales

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