Liquor Store Beer Case Breaks

Liquor stores can increase both profit and customer satisfaction by allowing case breaks. Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on your inventory records. Watch the video below on how your beer case break needs can be met and how to get your inventory under control with Bepoz’s Point of Sale for Liquor Stores.

Why You May Need Case Breaks

You buy cases of beer, wine, and liquor for reselling at your liquor store. You probably have cases that are just for full sale and some that are meant for individual sales and some products that may be sold both in single, case, and partial case quantities. Are you inventorying these cases differently or needing to make manual changes in your point of sale to manage them? You shouldn’t have to.

What happens if your single stock runs low? What if you have wholesale customers who want more cases? Will you turn customers away even though you have stock on hand? Of course not! Unfortunately, every time you do this, you might be relogging your inventory.

Differentiating Between Singles and Six-Packs

One possible way to manage beer case breaks is to inventory each item. (This is not the only way Bepoz could manage them) When a case comes in, it is automatically inventoried as individual bottles rather than one case. If you want to sell a case or other quantities at a different price than individuals, you can include automatic price changes or discounting for cases or larger quantities with no problem.

The Bepoz Difference

Case breaking may be such a huge hassle to you that you don’t even bother you might miss out on selling products by the case because it is a pain to have to inventory items in two different ways. It can be even worse if you decide to inventory by hand. Human error can cost you significant profits.

Bepoz was designed with your need for flexibility in mind. Bepoz can differentiate between 24-packs, six-packs, and singles while still being able to track appropriate sales and inventory. All you have to do is decide how you need Bepoz to function and the system will manage the rest for you.

Have you decided that it’s time for a change? Let the Bepoz Point of Sale System guide the way. Give us a call today so we can discuss how Bepoz Point of Sale for Liquor Stores will work for you! 


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:41 Liquor Store Beer Case Breaks: Auto-Inventory Deductions
0:51 Liquor Store Beer Case Breaks: Counting In Cans
1:29Liquor Store Beer Case Breaks: System Prompts For Case Breaks
1:41 Liquor Store Inventory Control: Print Your Own Barcode
2:13 Liquor Store Inventory Control: Bepoz Can Restock By Case
2:33 Liquor Store Inventory Control: Can Apply To Wine, Liquor, & Beer

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale systems for liquor stores. In this video, we want to talk about the ability to handle case breaks for beer and other items, a common request that we have, and for the liquor stores that have this need. It’s usually the first question because there just aren’t many systems out there that are built to be able to do this, but the first question is, hey, how can you handle beer where we can sell a single, a six-pack, and a case, and the system will deduct the correct inventory from the system? 

0:41 Liquor Store Beer Case Breaks: Auto-Inventory Deductions

And Bepoz will be able to do the appropriate deduction the way that handles this typically and there are multiple ways to handle this. 

0:51 Liquor Store Beer Case Breaks: Counting In Cans

But the way that typically handles this is that Bepoz counts beer in cans. So if you have a 24-pack, what it’s doing in the background is it’s actually selling twenty-four cans when you sell it, and if I’m counting inventory and I count a case or scan the barcode, it will count twenty-four cans when I count it. Also, when you’re doing beer case breaks, oftentimes, we have a single and a six-pack and if you don’t do anything about it, that barcode on the single and the six-pack is the exact same barcode. 

1:29 Liquor Store Beer Case Breaks: System Prompts For Case Breaks

And Bepoz can handle it. So if I scan that barcode on the single or six-pack, that it will prompt is this a single or a six-pack? So you can pick the right kind. 

1:41 Liquor Inventory Control: Print Your Own Barcode

Now it would be possible for you to print your own barcode label and add it to the single or six-pack so it would differentiate, and your cashiers would then scan that barcode when selling the six-pack so that it would know automatically that’s a six-pack and I don’t have to prompt for the question for single or six-pack. But those are all possible ways of being able to solve those problems. But in the background, inventory is being deducted on the appropriate level so that when I make the order, I will order it correctly. 

2:13 Liquor Inventory Control: Bepoz Can Restock By Case

Now even though Bepoz may track those cans or bottles in cans or bottles when I make the order from the vendor, it will know that I order it in cases and it will still make the order by the case. So just an important distinction of how that happens. 

2:33 Liquor Inventory Control: Can Apply To Wine, Liquor, & Beer

Now another little side note that kind of goes with this topic is that many places that sell beer like this often do mix and match promotions. So I can mix and match six different bottles for instance, into a six-pack and have it give me a six-pack price, or it could be mix and match or just the same items, or it could be wine and we’re doing twelve bottles and you get a case price, and Bepoz could allow for that kind of promotion with this.

So those are just a few options of ways that this could be done. Of course, all these rules could apply to wine, liquor, and beer, and we would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your liquor store. You can either call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.