POS For Liquor Store With A Bar

If you have a liquor store that also has a bar, you may believe you must have a POS for your liquor store with a bar and for your retail areas. Watch the video below for details on how Bepoz works in all areas of your liquor store business.

Point of Sale for Liquor Store BusinessesWith Bars

Few point-of-sale providers offer the ability to have both retail and bar services. Bepoz knows this is an issue, which is why we offer this functionality. Using Bepoz, you don’t have to waste time installing and training staff on two separate systems. You also don’t need to worry about how to combine your two systems to run sales reports. Since you are already using the Bepoz system in both your bar and your retail area, the reports can be compared and contrasted with the push of a button.

Avoiding Complications by Streamlining Services

It is complicated having multiple areas of business under one roof. It is made even more complicated when one spot serves food and drink while another is strictly retail. Fortunately for your liquor store business, it doesn’t have to be. Bepoz works seamlessly between both retail and bar services. Your employees can go back and forth between retail and bar areas without confusion. You can track inventory separately or together. You can even use the same loyalty programs.

Specific Benefits for Bars

A typical POS for liquor stores doesn’t have the ability to provide services for bar areas with modifiers and inventory broken down with recipes. Bepoz does. You can create specialty cocktails within the system, which are then used as a menu for your bar. Each time one of these cocktails is created, the exact amount of liquor is removed from your inventory. You can track sales by the bottle, by the glass, or by the ounce. You will see far less waste and much more profit simply from using a point of sale system that is designed specifically for this type of business.

Do you want to know more about Bepoz Point of Sale Systems for Liquor Stores Businesses? Call us today. We can explain how our program will help make your liquor store with a bar more profitable and easier to run.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:14 POS For Liquor Store With A Bar: Single-System Functionality
0:49 POS For Liquor Store With A Bar: Multi-Functional Systems
1:23 POS For Liquor Store With A Bar: One POS System For Everything

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale systems for liquor stores, and in this video, we want to talk about one feature that makes us a little bit different.

0:14 POS For Liquor Store With A Bar: Single-System Functionality

Now, there are not as many bars or liquor stores that have bars in them or bars next door or have, let’s say the owner has a liquor store and a bar and wants to use a single system. But Bepoz can do that.

So if you’ve been searching for a system so that you can run both operations within a single system, Bepoz is the system for you. Most of the folks that we run into have one system for their liquor store and another system for their bar, and now they have to run two different systems, and that gets more complicated.

0:49 POS For Liquor Store With A Bar: Multi-Functional Systems

So Bepoz can allow you to do all of those features related to a liquor store, you need all the inventory, you want all the loyalty, you want all the other things that come along with that, and we have videos that cover all the topics of what a liquor store can do. 

And we also want to do a bar, and in the bar, we have bar tabs, and we can swipe their credit card to start the tab and keep the card on file for the transaction, and I can tip the waiters or tip bartenders, and I could have waiters and I might sell food and all those things, and I might print to a kitchen printer.

1:23 POS For Liquor Store With A Bar: One POS System For Everything

Every other option that you would expect in your bar, Bepoz can do those as well as all the features that you want for your liquor store.