Liquor Store Customer-Facing Display (Rear Display)

Customers like to verify that they are not being overcharged. The easiest way to do this is with a customer-facing display, also known as a rear display. Watch the video below as we talk about the liquor store customer-facing displays available through Bepoz Point of Sale Systems.

Liquor Store Customer-Facing Display: Charges to Customers

A rear-facing display shows customers exactly what they are being charged for and what they are being charged for as their orders are being rung up. Customers can watch the display to verify they aren’t being charged incorrectly. Bepoz offers an advanced LCD screen that shows the customer their entire purchase. However, this display does much more than verifying purchases. It can also boost your sales and encourage more spending in liquor stores. Keep reading to learn how.

Liquor Store Customer-Facing Display: During Checkout

While your customer is being rung out, the customer-facing display can show promotions your liquor store is having at that time. These promotions can encourage your customer to add to their cart, especially if they include items that are close to the checkout counter. Instead of your cashier needing to remember to tell customers that they, for example, will receive a free product if they spend more than $40, the display will give them that information.

Liquor Store Customer-Facing Display: Loyalty Program Benefits on Display

Give your customer a reason to use their loyalty program benefits during checkout. The display can show their status when they are eligible for new rewards and what special promotions you have going for loyalty members at that time. The loyalty program might encourage them to spend more while they are in-store, but it can also serve to remind them to come back for their next reward. In addition, first-time customers can learn about the loyalty program through the display. Once they sign up, you have a repeat customer in the making.

A customer-facing display is just one of many benefits of using Bepoz Liquor Store Point of Sale Systems. Reach out to us today to learn about all of the other benefits we offer to your single store, multi-location store, or liquor and bar.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:32 View Transactions
0:47 Advertise With Your LCD Screens
2:20 Reward Status

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale. In this video, we want to talk about the ability of Bepoz to have customer-facing displays, customer-facing LCD screens. This is important. It’s a little bit more advanced than what you may have been used to being able to see with your liquor store system. We could have a customer-facing LCD screen, and on that screen, has many capacities. 

0:32 View Transactions

First of all, it can show the transaction while you’re ringing it up. With the old-style screen, you might saw one product with its price as you rung it up. This will show the entire transaction while the items are being rung up. 

0:47 Advertise With Your LCD Screens

But the more important feature of this is the ability for you to advertise, and you could advertise many different things. You could advertise promotions, specials, other things that you have going on, or specific products. But you could also if you’re using Bepoz for loyalty or rewards, you could then advertise your loyalty or rewards program. We have a whole other video on loyalty, so if you want to see more on that, you could see how that works, and I also mentioned promotions. There’s another video on promotions.

So if you have a loyalty program, and let’s say you have bronze, silver, and gold, and bronze are your entry-level loyalty customers, silver is customers who spent a thousand dollars, and gold is customers who’ve spent two thousand dollars, and you make up the numbers, I’m just giving examples, you could advertise some benefit that only gold members get. It’s kind of like the gold member elite status on the airline, you know. What they do at the airline is those gold members get on first, so they hold up in front of everybody else that you want to be a gold member. So you put on this advertisement that gold members get this particular discount or this particular reward and then everybody wants to spend extra and keep on coming back to your place because they want that benefit that they’re going to get having spent x number of thousands of dollars at your liquor store. So those can be very powerful tools to be able to help you build additional business. 

2:20 Reward Status

So that’s just one idea. It’s also possible to show your reward status to the customer when they bring up their loyalty account. So I could say, when I bring up their loyalty account, Mr. Jones has two hundred points that he can redeem or I could also show when a reward is issued to them, hey you just earned ten percent off your next bottle of liquor, and it will pop up and let them know that they just earned some reward. Those could all be options for that customer-facing display, but all of that works together to help you advertise your business, your loyalty program, and help you build your business better. Loyalty programs as we said in that other video really do help you build your business and are very effective. So this is a powerful tool that goes along with loyalty, but also goes along with promotions and helps you sell specific products.

If you’d like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help you with your liquor store, we’d love to talk to you. You can call us at the number on the top of your screen or click the link below.