Liquor Store Promotions And Discounts

Liquor stores keep customers returning by offering regular promotions and discounts. Watch the video below as we cover how Bepoz’s Point of Sale System provides valuable assistance in managing these special offers.

Liquor Store Promotions

Promotions are a valuable part of any business. Special sales, two-for-one offers, BOGO deals and giveaways are some of the most popular retailer promotions that are used in liquor stores.

You know these tactics can be successful, but how do you manage them without creating more work and frustration for your staff?

Discounting with Bepoz’s Point of Sale System

Let Bepoz Point of Sale Systems do the hard work for you. You can create the discounts in the Bepoz system. Bepoz will then charge your customers the discounted rate based on your parameters. You may want to use seasonal discounted products by setting up specific date ranges for your sales. You might have discounts offered by dollar figures, percentages, or bulk buys. Bepoz can handle all of that and more.

Bepoz not only provides great service for your special offers, but the system can create reports for you as well. Do you want to know exactly how well your promotion did during a certain timeframe? Do you want to compare your multi-store locations to each other? Running reports through Bepoz is as simple as the click of a button.

Loyalty Program Promotions

Promotions help to secure your business. Another offer that secures repeat business is implementing a loyalty program. You can tie your loyalty programs with discounts in order to give your most loyal customers the biggest discounts.

There are tons of options with loyalty including points, rewards, coupons, freebies, discounts, and more. Other options include things like liquor stores offering a one-time use discount code every time a customer spends a certain amount of money in the store. You can also combine loyalty programs with discounts on customer birthdays. You can plan special days in which all loyalty card holders earn the same discount. You can even offer levels, like gold, silver, and bronze. Discounts increase as the customer continues spending. Bepoz can fully manage your loyalty program along with all of your other point of sale needs.

Are you ready to learn more about Bepoz Liquor Point of Sale Systems? Give us a call today! We are eager to discuss how easy it is to use Bepoz for your liquor store.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:45 Liquor Store Promotions and Discounts: Set Up Automatic Discounts
1:06 Liquor Store Promotions and Discounts: Can Apply To Any Promotion
1:38  Liquor Store Promotions and Discounts:  Do Help!
2:22 Levels Of Loyalty Customers

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale for liquor stores. In this video, we’re going to talk about promotions and discounts in Bepoz. It’s important that many liquor stores may have promotions going on within their store, and oftentimes, those promotions may be scheduled ahead far in advance.

So if you have certain promotions that are scheduled, it could be that, you know, coming up on July 4th we’re going to do some special items that are going to be discounted on July 4th, and on July 4th or it could be the week of July 4th, however you like it, or the month of July.

0:45 Liquor Store Promotions and Discounts: Set Up Automatic Discounts

Those items are going to automatically go on discount at the date that it’s specified to start and they’re going to come off the discount at the end of that date range, right? So July 4th it turns on, you don’t have to remember to go change the price on July 5th. It’ll just automatically revert back to its normally scheduled price at the end of the promotion period.

1:06 Liquor Store Promotions and Discounts: Can Apply To Any Promotion

And you can do any kind of promotion that you want that way. So that could be a discount by dollars, a discount by percent. It could be a multi-buy, which is buy one, get one, or buy two, get three, or whatever, buy one, get one ten percent off, buy one and get one dollar off, or however you like to organize that, or it could even be mix and match. Buy this and that and get a third item free, so you buy these two items to get that, and those could be mix and matching categories. There’s all sorts of different ways that those permissions and promotions could be organized. 

1:38 Liquor Store Promotions and Discounts: Promotions Do Help!

It’s also important to note that promotions can help you secure your business because when that promotion happens, we’re getting away from the traditional method of pressing a discount button on the screen in order to apply a discount for the promotion. So if you’ve got buy one get one ten percent off, you don’t give that button to a cashier who can then press the button and abuse it and use it whenever they want to. They have to sell the appropriate items in their appropriate category.

It’s also important to note that promotions could be applied to loyalty, and we have a whole other video, both on theft prevention, so if that was interesting to you, could watch that, and loyalty. So if you want to watch a video on loyalty, you can hear more about that. 

2:22 Levels Of Loyalty Customers

But it’s important to note that if you have loyalty customers, and you might have different levels of loyalty customers, bronze, silver, or gold, depending on how much they’ve spent at your store, that you could apply certain promotions only to a specific level of loyalty customers. So they’re a gold member and we have this promotion that only applies if you spent two thousand dollars at our store over time or in the last year or something like that.

So many different ways that we can use promotions and there are more options than we can’t possibly fit in this little video. If you’d like to talk about how your store needs to use promotions or discounts, we would love to talk to you about it. You can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.