Liquor Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers

Many liquor stores sell to wholesale customers. It can be difficult to track these wholesale orders along with your retail business. Watch the video below as we explain how selling to wholesale customers can be painless and manageable with Bepoz.

Liquor stores that sell to wholesale customers have unique needs. You don’t have to just track inventory and simple transactions as is the case with typical retail sales. As a wholesaler, you have to purchase larger quantities and track customers in a way that is unique to wholesale.

Tracking Wholesale Liquor Customers

Wholesale customers typically have their own account within your liquor store’s point of sale system. This allows the system to store the wholesaler’s ABC license number or a tax identification number. Bepoz Point of Sale for Liquor Stores manages all of this for you. All you need to do is input the initial information. With each transaction, Bepoz will calculate any wholesale discounts that have been offered to that customer and remove the customer’s taxes if they qualify for tax-free purchases.

Wholesale Payment Options

Your various wholesale customers may have specific ways they want to pay for their orders. Bepoz allows you to give these customers the flexibility they desire. Customers who wish to pay with cash can easily do so. They can also pay with credit or debit cards. In addition, Bepoz allows you to extend a line of credit on a house account to each wholesale customer. This is optional and can be allowed or disallowed per customer. You can set that credit limit at whatever amount you choose and Bepoz will ensure customers do not exceed the limit when they make a purchase.

All That Bepoz Has to Offer

Along with the unique needs of wholesale transactions, Bepoz still offers all of the services that our customers have come to know and love. You will still be able to track inventory from one location, multiple locations, or a central warehouse. You can set up one-time discounts or recurring specials. Bepoz offers customized reporting as well! See our other videos and information to learn about the rest of the amazing Bepoz features.

Bepoz Liquor Store Point of Sale Systems is the right choice for any liquor store that sells to wholesale customers. Do you want to learn more about Bepoz? Contact us today!


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:13 Liquor Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Selling Wholesale
0:39  Liquor Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Record Capability
1:17  Liquor Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Tax-Free Customers
1:37 Wholesale Customer Discounts
2:47 Customer Purchase Options

Hey, this is Tim, and in this video, we want to talk about liquor stores that sell to wholesale customers. 

0:13  Liquor Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Selling Wholesale

You might sell to bars or other operations that are in need of liquor and can purchase wholesale liquor. Of course, every state’s different on how these rules apply and whether you can sell wholesale, and of course, that’s a different license. We understand all that. We’re just understanding that certain customers who come to us have the need to be able to sell to bars or other organizations that need liquor and they want to sell in a wholesale fashion.

0:39 Liquor Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Account Record Capability

Bepoz has the ability for you to keep an account for every wholesale customer and you could keep a license number on file with their ABC license number or tax identification number that you need to keep on file in order to keep a record that this customer is good and doesn’t need to pay taxes. So when I pull up that customer, in order to sell to them, it will do two things primarily, two or three things. So first of all, oftentimes, that customer has a tax number, so that they don’t have to pay tax on those wholesale goods. 


1:17 Liquor Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Access Tax-Free Customers

So by pulling up their customer record, it would automatically remove the tax from the transaction. Again, this could be done on a customer-by-customer basis. So you might have a wholesale customer who still needs to pay tax and some who sell customers that get tax-free. In either case, that’s assigned to their customer record.

1:37 Wholesale Customer Discounts

Secondarily, those wholesale customers have some kind of wholesale discount. Bepoz can handle lots of different options with this. We could handle up to seven different levels of wholesale customer pricing. If we want to have buckets, so I have level one, level two, level three, and each different level we have special pricing, that’s assigned to those wholesale customers. 

Now, that might be cost plus some markup, which we’ve had many customers call us and ask us about or it might be just some specified price for those or it might be a discount level from retail. Any of those options could be auto-assigned to those price levels for those products, but it also could be that you’ve got some wholesale customers who are really big and they’ve negotiated special pricing on certain products. So we could set up a promotion where whenever I pull up this customer, their special pricing applies to that specific product or group of products. So in any case, we could handle your special pricing and tax needs for wholesale customers. 

2:47 Customer Purchase Options

And the final thing that comes with some customers is that you could either allow that bar or restaurant or group that’s buying liquor from you to be able to pay cash and credit card on the spot, or you could allow them to pay on credit terms. And if they’re paying on credit terms, you could give them a credit limit. So let’s say they can spend up to five hundred dollars and if they get to five hundred, it won’t let them spend any more without paying off their balance. And so we can accept payments on the balance and I could accept payments on the balance at the register or they could call it in. Could be various ways to be able to pay off their balance, but we could pay off their balance in the system.

So if you would like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help you with your liquor store that sells to wholesale, sells wholesale liquor, we would love to talk to you. You can call us at the number on the top of your screen or click the link below.