R U Hungry? Utilizing SMS to Boost Restaurant Sales

Do you know what the most common cell phone activity is? According to Pew Internet, it’s texting, with more than 80% of American adults doing it. Additionally, did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate, according to Mobile Marketing Watch?

That’s why texting is the most effective mobile marketing strategy for any restaurant, and it’s easy to start utilizing this tool through your point-of-sale (POS) system. Start by asking your current customers to opt-in. They can do that with a tableside POS, or directly with their server.

Once your customer has signed up, their data will be stored inside your POS. Then use the SMS service through Bepoz to stay in-touch with your customers. Here are a few ideas.

Target Specific Patrons

Use the segmentation feature to target a specific type of customer, like those that haven’t visited in the last three months.

Promote with Coupons

Send out coupons through text. For example, show this text for a free appetizer with an entre purchase.

Run A Sweepstakes Competition

Restaurants can run sweepstakes-style competitions. For example, click this link to enter a drawing for free catering to your special event.

Remote Ordering

Send a link to your customers to get them to order take-out. Don’t forget to mention your specials, and even create urgency. The first 50 people to respond will receive a free non-alcoholic beverage upon pick-up.

Create Urgency

Because of the intimacy and immediacy of SMS, a text can be used to create urgency. Send texts letting people know that happy hour is in a couple hours, from 4-6 and half-priced margaritas will be available. People typically reach for their mobile devices as soon as they hear the ringtone of an incoming text message and reply in an average of 90 seconds (according to the CTIA).

If you’re interested in communicating better through SMS servicing with your clients, give Bepoz a call today for more details.