Is Your POS Running At Peak Performance?

In the world of technology things change fast. So what you thought you knew a year ago may have already changed today. At Bepoz we incorporate a measure of future proofing in our software, meaning we prepare ahead of time before the updates occur. Use this checklist to see if your point-of-sale (POS) is running at its peak performance.

Utilizing Marketing Tools

Your POS can help you learn about your customers by keeping track of their spending habits and purchases. It can encourage them to visit your restaurant or shop at your store by sending customized emails and text messages. If your POS isn’t helping you with your marketing and promotional campaigns, it should. If it does, how are you using them.

Creating Reports and Analytics

A POS offers real-time reporting and analytics so you can respond promptly to trends with pricing initiatives and making educated decisions about sales campaigns. What reports are you creating? Are you analyzing the trends and right numbers?

Controlling Inventory

Monitor your inventory based on sales. Set alerts to minimum stock levels to trigger automatic reorders. You’ll never order too much or too little. With a POS your stock room should be in check. How are your current inventory levels?

Alerts & Automation

You don’t have to stare at you POS all day to be working your business. Let your POS work the hardest. You can have it set to alert your phone with key things you need to know like sales, inventory, price changes, etc. Or set rules so that your POS automatically does the work. For example, your ingredients in your restaurant are low, your POS will automatically order through your chosen vendor. What automation and alerts do you have set in your business? If you don’t have any, check to see what you can do.

So how is your POS performing? Were you able to check off most of the list above? If not, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your current POS system. Give Bepoz a call and tell us your needs. We can help customize your software.