Get the Ice Cream POS Scoop

Running a successful ice cream shop is no small task. As a business owner you know that you’ve got to have speed and accuracy to keep your lines moving on those hot summer days; a way to keep track of your sales and inventory; and reporting and analytics so you can make smart operational decisions. Here’s the scoop on how a point-of-sale (POS) system can help you with all those undertakings.

Speed & Accuracy

When the weather is nice, you can almost bet on a busy night. That means you’ve got to keep up with the demand. Simplify and streamline your process by choosing easy-to-use software, like Bepoz’s, that can modify orders for different sizes and add-ons. When a customer orders a large strawberry sundae with an extra scoop of ice cream, pecans, and sprinkles, your staff can ring it up easily.

Additionally, a customer-facing display will help patrons see exactly what they ordered, ensuring accuracy, and reducing waste from mistakes. Then double the screen’s use by promoting specials and upcoming events.

Track Inventory

You’ve got an array of toppings and flavors to keep track of, and a shorter life on the dairy products. It’s a lot to manage. No need to guess on what you need to order. Let your POS figure it out. For example, plug in the specific amount of ice cream that is served with each small, medium, or large sizes. Each time that size is sold for that particular flavor, that amount of ice cream is deducted from your inventory. No more guessing on how much chocolate chip mint is left.

Reporting & Analytics

What flavors sell the most, and which ones sit in the freezer? Pull your reports to find out many things like:

  • Best Selling Flavors – by day, week, month, year
  • Real Time Sales History
  • Employee Hours and Wages
  • Profit Margins

When you really put your POS to use, you’ll find out that the results are sweet. Check out Bepoz’s ice cream software today. Call for a demo.