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It’s So Much More Than Point of Sale…

Bepoz is so much more than just point of sale; it’s business management software. When you have customers walking into you your place of business and you need to interact with them, we probably have all that you need. There are two versions to choose from, Entrepreneur and Corporate.  Entrepreneur is intended for the business with only one store, no matter the size, but still needs automation, pricing flexibility, and key reports. Corporate on the other hand is for a much more comprehensive business that may have one store or 30,000 locations. Corporate has the capability to connect with Mainframe Link to ERPs, like SAP, to manage products and locations; and Accounting Link helps the POS software to connect to accounting packages like Quickbooks. Here is an overview of the interaction points and modules available.

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Power At Your Fingertips…

Bepoz consolidates all your inventory, cash, customer, staff, sales and other POS data into one centralized and fully integrated point of sale system. This gives you real-time visibility and total control over inventory, cash management, promotions, purchasing, staff, customer, and even member information. You get a complete snapshot of your business, instantly and at any time. Control like this elevates profitability for a direct effect on your bottom line.

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Bepoz SmartTills use the latest cutting edge technology to make them the most reliable on the market. We partner with hardware manufactures with some of the highest in quality standards. The best computer hardware has no internal moving parts such as fans and hard disks; which are the components that commonly fail and cause downtime in traditional touch screen computers. Unlike tablet based point of sale, POS stations are built with sealed and durable enclosures. This makes them usually spill proof, built for the harshest hospitality, industrial, or even retail environments.

Bepoz SmartTills are completely customizable. This is one of the many reasons we can fit into so many industries. You can tailor the touch screen layouts to your specific and unique requirements, making the POS stations extremely quick and easy to use. Product and function buttons as well as the general layout of the screens can be customized. The fast, intuitive, and user-friendly design of the POS stations greatly minimize time spent training new staff.

SmartTills operate in real-time mode, but in the case of a network or server problem, the tills can be switched to off-line mode with the press of a button. The point of sale terminals operate as per normal and when the problem is rectified, the tills will automatically switch back to on-line mode and upload/download all sales, cash, inventory, account, bonus points, staff and pricing information. SmartTills can also operate in permanent stand-alone mode.

The SmartTills are also plug-and-play. In the unlikely event that a till is down, another can simply be plugged in its place. With the press of a button it will become the original till. This feature is also convenient for roaming satellite tills.

Bepoz SmartTills can run on any standard Windows based terminals, including perhaps your existing hardware. This provides you with a cost effective introduction to the benefits of Bepoz software and a reliable future growth path with your business management system.

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Mobility Built In…

Bepoz SmartPads are a reliable, fully featured wireless POS terminal, with all the same functionality and screen layouts as the SmartTill point of sales. Consistency with the SmartTills make them extremely easy to use. Wireless portable printers are also available for printing receipts and tax invoices. SmartPads are being used in restaurants, gaming rooms for drinks service, in drive thru restaurants, line busting, as member and marketing terminals and for take home delivery orders.


  • Fewer staff required to sell more of your products
  • Keeps staff in their service area attending to customers and guests
  • Efficiency of service is dramatically improved
  • Savings in labor costs as fewer staff are required to service sections
  • Table’s turns are increased through improved speed of service
  • Additional sales are captured by instant ordering at the table with up-selling prompts
  • Ensures all products delivered to the table appear on the customer’s bill

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Are you thinking a till is too big and a handheld is too small? The answer then is the SmartTAB. A hybrid in a class of its own the SmartTAB is a fully functional SmartTill with the convenience and portability of a SmartPAD. Available with a docking station, mag card reader and scanner, this device is suitable for a range of environments.

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Used on extremely rugged and durable handhelds, the Bepoz SmartPDE is the ultimate stock control device. With a wireless network, the SmartPDE is a real-time device. It can also be plugged into a computer and downloaded when convenient. With a built in scanner, the SmartPDE is often used to:


  • Enter counts for stock take
  • Spot check stock and check sell prices and margins
  • Scan in stock transfers
  • Enter purchase orders from the handheld
  • Scan and receive inbound inventory
  • Assign products a barcode when they are not already in the system

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Do you have a store where you would like your customers to be able to scan products and find out full details on the product, including the price and how many are available for sale? With the ability to show notes on the products as well as a picture, it is another sales front for your Business. And when it is not in use, a stream of marketing material can be displayed. Bepoz Customer Inquiry Terminals deliver just that.

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Your loyalty system starts at the front door. Our Door Entry terminal is designed for your customers. Checking point’s balances, awarding vouchers and other scheduled promotions does not get any easier than this. And the beauty is that it is all integrated into the same system that drives your POS. Just another reason Bepoz is much more than point of sale.

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