Communicating With Emails And Texts Through Your POS

Communicating with your restaurant and retail customers has never been easier in today’s technologically driven world. Sending emails and text messages are just two communication examples that work hand-in-hand with Bepoz’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, which is built right into your point-of-sale (POS) system.

How To Get Started

Start by asking customers to be a part of your loyalty program. Then collect their information including emails and phone numbers. Your software will store all this data in one place making it easy for you to communicate to them in whatever way they choose. You can even use this email and text software to communicate internally with your staff.

Putting A Plan In Place

Now they you’ve started collecting data, you’ve got to plan what you will communicate through emails and texts. With Bepoz, the segmentation options to build your communication strategy are endless.

Send promotions/discounts by email or text that are specifically targeted to the customer. For example, if you own a restaurant you may want to start a happy hour promotion for loyal customers—buy a beer, get a free beer. Let’s say you want to only target customers that purchase alcohol and frequent your establishment a certain number of times a month. Your CRM knows this information. How many times do you want the customer to be able to use the promotion? Set up the software to work only once, or let them use it as many times as they want during a certain period of time. It’s up to you to create the strategy and let your CRM implement it.

For retail, you could do the same promotion as mentioned above, but change out the beer for a pair of shoes, clothing item, or household good.

Once you’ve decided your promotion, decide how many emails you will send out, and how many texts. When will you distribute them? What does your strategy look like for someone that only wants to receive texts, or someone who wants to only receive email? Once you’ve got your workflow in place, then execute!

Evaluating Results

Use your POS system to review and evaluate your results. What are your email open rates? How many people actually utilized the promotion? Is it worth doing it again? What can you modify for greater results next time?

Interested in learning more about communicating to your customers through email and SMS software? Give Bepoz a call for a demo today!