How POS Promotions and Discounts Can Work For You

Picture this. You’re at the gas station check out line. What do you see around you? Candies, magazines, snacks, lip balm, eye-catching gadgets—all low-priced impulse items strategically placed there for unplanned purchases. It’s the last chance sale before you walk out the door and drive away. Then during your check out, the cashier asks you to become a part of their loyalty program for the exchange of an email. The incentive is enticing so you agree. As you leave the store you check your receipt and see a coupon for a discount at your next visit. You’ve just experienced the power of that store’s POS marketing and promotions system. Keep in mind it works the same way for restaurants.

Promotional Products

With Bepoz you can create the marketing and promotions that work best for your business. The features to choose from are limitless. Let’s say you want to run a promotion that changes the price of the product/menu item. You can base it on the time of day, day of week, month, or year without having to manually set timers and go in and change the system. Just set it and forget it!

Rewarding Loyal Customers

Perhaps, you want to run a promotion to those who are a part of your loyalty program. It’s very easy to do that within Bepoz’s marketing and promotional software. The reward can be redeemed one time or even multiple times through a specific time period. Why not give out prizes or a voucher to those who purchase a certain amount of your promotional product? For example, buy two entrees at the promotional price, receive a voucher for a free dessert during your next visit.

Email/SMS Messaging

Don’t forget to gather data anytime someone is engaging with your business on-site or online. Collecting mobile numbers and emails are great for communicating discounts and promotions with your loyal customers. A well-thought out strategy will keep your customers coming back, and hopefully spending more money.

Bepoz has the ability to define price changes for your discounts and promotions with so many options. Check some of them out here. Then give us call today to set up a demo. Let us help you with your POS marketing and promotions software.