5 Ways to Increase Retail Sales At Your POS

In today’s competitive retail marketplace, it’s critical to use effective marketing to increase purchases at the point-of-sale (POS). It’s even more critical to use the data from your POS to determine what you will market at the checkout. Let’s take a look at the 5 ways you can increase impulsive purchases.

1. Use Displays

Floor or counter displays near the POS system can be a very effective approach to upselling. As long as there is clear messaging, an eye-catching design, and great placement, your customers are sure to see your product before checking out.

2. Identify Top Sellers

Now that you’re thinking about a display(s) near your POS, you’ve got to determine the product. Utilize your POS to find out what product(s) sell well in you retail store by running a report. Also determine what products, given the right exposure, will sell better, and what price point works the best as an impulse buy. Usually smaller items like jewelry, make-up, small books, with price points at or under $20 are great upsells.

3. Promote Sales

Most customers love a good deal. Use buzz words in your signage like, “sale, free, discount, etc.” Review your data in your POS to see what sales have worked in the past. Did the buy one, get one lipstick sale well? If so, that might be a great sale item to place at the register. Hopefully, it will provide even better results than the last time you ran the sale.

4. Use Your LCD

Just because you’re about to complete the transaction doesn’t mean the customer has stopped shopping. Utilize your LCD screen as a part of your POS to advertise your sales, or some last minute lower-priced items.

5. Train Staff

Don’t forget to train your staff to ask the customer if they would like to purchase the $5 items at the register? In fact, why not just build that question into your software? As the employee goes through the ringing out process, they have to click “yes,” that they asked the customer for the upsell before they can complete the transaction.

You may not make an upsell during every transaction, but you’ll most likely see an increase in sales. Over time those small increases can make a big difference. Your POS will be able to track and report your success. And don’t be afraid to test different types of displays, marketing copy, and products at your point-of-sale. If one product doesn’t do well, try another one. You’ll be seeing success in no time.