7 Easy Restaurant Marketing Ideas

The first marketing defense against empty tables at your restaurant is a strategic marketing plan, and a great Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Today we share 7 easy restaurant marketing ideas that can help you fill up your restaurant any day of the week.

1. Consider Changing Up Your Menu

The same old can get mundane. Why not change up your restaurant’s menu with the seasons and/or the holidays? It’s easy to make price modifications and/or menu additions in a POS system like Bepoz’s.

2. Reward Loyal Customers

Do you even know who your loyal customers are? A quality POS system should be able to keep track of customer information like spending habits, how many times they frequent your establishment, what they order, and more! With a click of a button you can look for patterns and trends in your data. Then create your promotions based off what you know your customers like. Reward those who are truly loyal.

3. Promote Certain Menu Items

Bepoz has limitless features to help with your restaurant marketing. Perhaps, you want to run a happy hour special—½ off appetizers. You can choose the day, time, price, etc without having to manually set timers to change the system.

4. Send Emails and Texts

If you have a loyalty program you are already collecting data like emails and phone numbers. Don’t forget to use your POS to send more than just promotions to your lists. Send valuable emails to keep your customers engaged. One idea might be to include recipes. Send texts sparingly, and make sure it’s worth their time to read your texts. Every touch point reminds customers about your restaurant, and eventually they’ll remember you when they are hungry.

5. Engage on Social Media

Have fun on your social channels. Sometimes people watch for a while before they actually engage or make it into your restaurant. Share fun staff and customer pictures, promotions, freebies, food pictures, recipes, and more!

6. Hold Employee Contests

Sometimes the best restaurant marketing ideas are the ones that include your staff. Holding a contest that rewards them for their efforts helps you and them. Consider giving away a prize or incentive to the winner(s) who have the highest average ticket sale during a period of time. Your POS software can keep track of your numbers and the success of your employees.

7. Hold Events

Host events like wine tasting, karaoke, live music, comedy night, etc. The ideas are endless and should choose an event that reflects your atmosphere. You probably won’t do karaoke at a 5-star restaurant, but a bar and grille is the perfect place! Be sure to have specials on the menu. You might just set yourself up to have a loyal fan-base.

What restaurant marketing ideas have you already implemented? Don’t be afraid to try new ones and build out your marketing strategy. You’ll be glad you did when you run those sales numbers at the end of the month. Don’t forget to consider Bepoz for a POS demo.