6 Ways To Provide The Perfect Shopping Environment That Increases Sales

Despite the hype around online shopping, consumers still want to visit a physical store. In fact, a recent study shows that more than 70% of consumers would prefer to shop a brick and mortar Amazon store versus Amazon’s website. That’s why it’s critical that you create an attractive, effectively designed, and clean in-store shopping environment. Here are some quick easy steps to help you do that.

1. Declutter

The retail sales per square foot definitely affect your store’s revenue. If your store is too messy, customers can’t focus. If your store has too much white space then you are missing out on creative ways to communicate. Most retailers fall into the cluttered arena. Begin to declutter your store merchandise, walls, windows, and even your point-of sale (POS) system display.

2. Define Your Message

What kind of message or feeling do you want to promote in your shopping environment? Think of all the zones in your store—outside, inside, merchandise, changing rooms, POS, etc. What message do you want customers to see in each of these areas?

3. Create A Purchase Path

Design your store in a way that creates a purchase path to your POS. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this. Sometimes it’s just a well-placed rug near your transaction area. Customers gather toward places where the floor changes.

4. Set the Mood

It’s not just about what your store looks like. It’s also about how the customer feels. You can set the mood with music and even a scent. Sound and smell can certainly impact a customers’ decision-making process.

5. Clean

This sounds like common sense to keep your retail store clean, but studies show that about 50% of shoppers avoid a storefront that looks dirty from the outside. Keep a clean shop and keep your foot traffic.

6. Adjust the Lights

Make sure your lighting is bright. Dingy lighting in an old space can make your merchandise look dingy too. Sometimes all you have to do is replace old light bulbs for crisp white-yellow ones, or even LED.

Remember, creating the perfect shopping environment for your customers doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Keep it simple. Look to see how your POS can help, or give Bepoz a call today for a demo.