An Email and SMS Strategy For Your Restaurant

How are you communicating with your customers? Is it just when they are in your restaurant? We hope not. These days restaurants are using multiple creative strategies to increase touch points whether it’s through advertisements, social media platforms, events, promotions, and emails and SMS/texts.

Communicating with customers is key for increasing brand awareness and bringing more patrons into your restaurant. Bepoz can do it all through its customer relationship management (CRM) software that is built right into its point-of-sale (POS) restaurant systems. Here’s some strategy on how to get started with your email and texting campaigns.

Collect Info

First, collect all your data. Start with having your staff ask for loyalty account sign-ups that include asking for email and text info. Another way to collect an email would be to ask to send the receipt via email.

Keep in mind that just because somebody opts into your newsletter doesn’t mean you can send them text messages too. These lists are different and customers must opt in to each one individually to receive info. They also need to be able to stop texts or unsubscribe to your newsletter when they want out. Just make sure you make your promotions sweet enough to keep them engaged.

Create A Plan

Now that you have ideas to collect data, set up a strategy and plan to communicate to your customers.

Bepoz can send promotions/discounts by email or text that are specifically targeted to the customer. How many times do you want them to be able to use the promotion? Set it up to work only once, or let them use it as many times as they want to during a certain period of time.

Then create a plan based off your strategies. A simple plan might include two emails a month and one text. Maybe your first email contains value-based info like summer cocktail recipes, followed by a promotional discount email on pitchers of margaritas a week later, and reinforced with a text about the same margarita promotion.


Now plug your customers into your marketing strategies. Create your emails/texts and use your POS automation to schedule them for the month. If you really want to get specific, use segmentation options to target your most loyal customers, regular customers, and those who visit minimally.

Review and Evaluate

After your monthly campaigns are over, go back to your POS and check your email open rates, review your sales. Are there any correlation to your sales and email/text marketing strategies? Evaluate what worked and what didn’t using stats from your POS.

Now repeat the same strategy with your new modifications for next month.

If you’re interested in communicating better with your restaurant patrons, emails and texts through your point-of-sale system could help. Give Bepoz a call today for more details.