How Your Retail Shop Can Benefit From Vouchers

Most shoppers are interested in saving money. That’s why vouchers have gained popularity in retail around the world.

A voucher is a redeemable transaction type that has a certain monetary value. It can only be spent on specific goods or for specific reasons in retail shops or online. They help retailers reach more consumers, motivate existing customers to return to the store, as well as building credibility and reputation. Bepoz’s extensive internal voucher system is one of the most advanced features within the company’s point-of-sale (POS) software. Here are some ways on how to use your POS and the voucher system.

Receipts Are More Than Transactions

Pre-set your POS software to determine what vouchers to display on receipts based on the customer’s purchase. Let’s say you own a  hardware store. If a customer spends more than $100 in paint, they will receive voucher on their receipt for 20% off their next paint purchase between September 1 – 15. Decide how many times they can use that 20% off during that purchase period. See what works best, and try different voucher combinations to increase sales, move inventory, and more!

Another idea might be to ask customers to take a survey for a voucher? That way you get meaningful data back that can help you make better future decisions about your retail shop and the customer receives a break on their next purchase.

Increase Sales

Incentivize customers daily, weekly, and monthly. For example, incentivize consumers with a buy one pair of shoes, get another pair free. Or spend $50 and get a voucher for $5 off your next purchase of hair care products that are part of particular hair care line.

Want to increase sales at a particular store? Compel shoppers with a voucher only redeemable at the store you want more sales at.

Take Care of Your Loyal Customers

Analyze your data from your POS to see what your customers are purchasing and when their last visit was. Then email them a personalized voucher. Try a gift card promotion. Buy a gift card at $30 to give away, receive a $5 gift card for yourself.

With Bepoz, the voucher options are endless, and so are the features. Contact us today to review all your retail POS options.