How to Boost Sales With Your POS During A Slow Season

Every retail business has an ebb and flow of traffic. That means there are slow times, and busy times. Slow times can be a drag, but they don’t have to be. Let your point-of-sale (POS) system help the time fly by being productive. You never know, what you think might be your slowest season, may just be your best one. Here are a few ways to utilize your POS during your slow season(s).

Know Your Seasons

First, do you even know when your slow season is? Sure you could take a guess, but do you know the exact dates? Let your POS pull up past sales reports. You may be surprised to find a few seasonal dips, but with your POS you can be prepared for those slow times.

Employee Contest

So let’s say that you know one of your slow times will be the first week in August. How can you prepare in July? Perhaps, you can prepare for an employee contest. These always help with sales and morale, especially when the incentive is a great reward, like a cash bonus. Your POS can help you keep track of what employee sells what and when. Pull sales reports daily, weekly and monthly to see each employee’s results.


As you prepare for your slow season it’s important to know how your customer-base and traffic will change. Adjust your inventory purchases. Make sure to let employees know about potential schedule changes, and less work hours. Or maybe you don’t want to decrease your man-hours, but want to shift responsibilities to staff for preparation for your next busy season. You can use your data stored in your POS to make all these decisions.

Be Creative

Lastly, a slow season can be an opportunity to be creative with your marketing campaigns. Perhaps, you come up with fun product bundles, promote a blow out sale of some sort, or even send out a few more emails to your loyal customers. You might even consider taking part in some local festivals to find new clientele, holding a sidewalk sale, or even partnering in a special promotion with another business. The ideas are endless; just don’t forget to include help from your POS.

Remember, your slow times don’t have to be stressful. Just think of it as an opportunity to be even more productive than your busy season. If you’re still looking for more ways on how POS software can help you in any type of season, give Bepoz a call for a demo.