Donut Bank Case Study

Case Study: Sweet Factor Is Speed In Donut And Coffee Shop POS System

The sweetest way to start off the day is with a donut and coffee according to Chris Kempf, President of the Donut Bank. He’s been in the business most of his life. Kempf’s father started the bakery in 1967, and since then it’s grown to 9 locations in Indiana and Kentucky with about 220 employees.

“It’s a very busy environment. We depend on a very high customer count since we are selling $1 donuts and $2 coffee,” says Kempf. The Donut Bank president says the bakery is the busiest in the morning with some locations serving 400-500 customers through the drive-thru by 9am. Kempf noted “It’s very important to us that everything be timely and correct,”

In the past, Kempf says his business struggled with the speed of other point-of-sale (POS) systems that they were using. “What Bepoz has allowed us to do, finally, is to give quick service to our customers—quick credit card processing, quick order delivery, and a method of ensuring that each order is correct.” says Kempf.

You might say the Donut Bank has now hit the sweet spot when it comes to speed with their POS. Here are some other benefits that the bakery found appealing about Bepoz’s Donut and Coffee POS System:

Customized Menu
The Donut Bank’s menu is huge with more than 100 different types of donuts, a full espresso line, not to mention cakes, and other pastries. Bepoz created a customized menu within the POS software for each location.

Wholesale Tracking
The donut shop caters to a lot of wholesale customers. Bepoz was able to come up with a method to track wholesale orders, provide billing statements for house accounts, and more.

Gift Card Management
Anther feature the Donut Bank was looking for in a POS was a way to manage gift cards.

“We preferred not to have a service, and Bepoz was able to accommodate that. Actually, they did even more than that. They were able to transfer the numbers of all the gift cards. We probably had 30K out there and they were able to lay out those numbers on their system,” says Kempf. “We really didn’t miss a beat”

Data Reporting
As you can probably imagine it’s a lot of work to keep track of data for 9 locations. With Bepoz, the Donut Bank was able to add products to the menu, or subtract slow sellers from each individual location. They can track each individual store’s inventory, sales, and more.

Customer Service
Ask any entrepreneur that runs a business outside of “normal” business hours, and there’s a good chance that they will tell you it’s hard to get customer support early in the morning. Kempf will tell you that wasn’t a problem with Bepoz.

“[They were] very speedy, very thorough,” says Kempf. “We are satisfied with our POS system.”

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