5 POS Training Tips That Every Business Should Follow

To be a successful restaurant or retail business you need more than just the right location, right products/menu—you need the right team, and one that’s trained well. A good portion of your training should be on your point-of-sale (POS) system. Here are some tips for POS training with your staff.

1. Pick A Teacher

Who is going to do the training with your staff? It has to be someone who understands how to use the software, can answer questions, and trouble shoot. Will it be you? Remote one-on-one training, as well as onsite POS training is offered through Bepoz.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

A person learns by doing what is taught. If you’ve decided to teach your staff, first, talk to them about your POS software, then show them, then walk them through each step before they try it out for themselves.

3. Try Role Playing and Test Runs

Have your staff go through each part of a check out/meal process. If you’re a restaurant owner, have other staff members act as the patrons so each person can take orders, input the orders, and cash out tabs. Make sure they practice with options such as coupons, splitting checks, and modifications to entrees.

For a retail business, staff members can practice transactions with discounts, clearance items, returns, etc. See where the most trouble is and continue to role play and practice.

4. Review

Before you wrap up your POS training make sure you allow enough time for questions, and a review session. You could even play a game or start a staff contest over the next couple weeks to help employees retain all the information and continue to learn. Give a reward as an incentive.

5. Offer On-Going POS Training

Honestly, training never ends. However, it might be good to set up one more official training day as a review to answer any new questions or concerns that might come up. Why not incorporate a small training session into weekly staff meetings, just to keep folks up-to-date and make sure everyone understands the software. Keep in mind that Bepoz offers additional customer support with documentation and a video library for help.

In the end, true success from your POS training can only be measured by how your staff performs afterward. Did you see an increase in sales? Are they utilizing the POS features that can help them perform better and increase customer service?  For more questions about POS training and other features and benefits of Bepoz’s POS system, set up a demo today!