The 7 Best Retail Store Promotions

Every retail business owner wants more traffic because they know it’s a numbers game. More traffic means more sales. However, promoting your store and products to increase the traffic is not always easy. It requires planning, strategy, and execution timed just right. That’s why we put together 7 of the best retail store promotions. Of course, we included how your point-of-sale (POS) could help too.

1. Personalized Communication

Showing your gratitude for customer loyalty is a must, and more and more customers expect personalized offers. Use your POS system to pull purchasing history from your customers and send out customized promotions. For example, if a customer stops in several times a month to purchase shoes, send them a coupon for $10 off their next shoe purchase.

2. Customer Loyalty

Consider building your loyalty program through social media and even SMS. Run different promotions on each platform because some customers will opt-in to more than one platform. This is a great way to build your lists. It’s also good to give customers choices on how to be contacted. It shows you care about how they want to receive communication.

3. Markdowns and Bundles

Marking down merchandise before the season/trends end is popular among retail store promotions. Pull data from your POS to see if there are any slow moving items on your shelves. Move that inventory out of the way for the new stock coming in. Consider pairing slow moving merchandise with popular products in a bundle with a price that is better if purchased together than apart.

4. Customer Displays

Take your promotions to another level with creative window displays. Utilize the seasons as your inspiration and move that merchandise! A fall scene is perfect for showcasing coats, boots, sweaters, and more! It can help put folks in the mood for fall weather and remind them that it’s time to think about changing out their wardrobe.

5. Events

An event that brings a unique customer experience can help draw a crowd and bring in more sales. A successful event can bring back repeat customers. Consider 1 or 2 events a year and make them a tradition. You’ll find that customers will start to look forward to them if you do it right, and treat them right too!

6. Social Media

Many businesses use social media to get the word out about products, promotions, events, and more. Utilize your social media to do more than just advertise. Provide value to your customers. For example, show them the fall fashion trends when it comes to wearing scarves. In another post talk about the “in” colors and don’t forget to showcase the products you have in those colors. Social media is also a great place to engage with your clientele, and provide great customer service!

7. Community Support

Sell local products if you can, and support your community by making a donation or partnering with a great charity in your area. Showing you care allows folks to feel your heart toward the place where they live. It can make them feel good about buying from your store.

These are just a few considerations. What retail store promotions have worked for your business? For more ideas on how a Bepoz POS can help with your promotions, give us a call. Set up your demo today!